May 2015

AposTherapy Foot Device

AposTherapy is a personalized, nonsurgical treatment program for knee and back pain, based on a biomechanical device worn on the foot that is individually calibrated by specially trained physical therapists. Utilizing state-of-the-art computerized equipment, the company analyzes step length, load distribution on each leg, walking velocity, and gait symmetry. The evaluation is used to design a personally calibrated biomechanical device for the foot to help relieve pressure on the symptomatic areas, retrain the muscular system around the joints, and improve the patient’s function and quality of life.


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One Response to AposTherapy Foot Device

  1. Simon Miles says:

    Correct me if i am wrong but, these shoes use rocker heel and forefoot in a new, not very asthetically appealing shoe. Unsure how these differ to a well designed orthotic device or modified shoe ?

    Also the lack of suface area in contact with the ground concerns me as the potential for elderly patients who may have longstanding joint pain may see this as a solution.

    Happy to discuss further.


    Simon .

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