October 2011

Adjustable Revolution AFO

American Orthopedics has introduced the Revolution AFO, an easily adjustable ankle foot orthosis that dynamically corrects misalignment in the hindfoot complex. The Revolution’s custom-molded dynamic arch suspension system allows the fitting practitioner or the wearer to easily adjust the amount of correction and support provided by the device. A ratcheting buckle lets individuals control the arch suspension system with a few simple clicks, making it easy to customize support on a daily or even hourly basis. Three clinical trials are under way to assess the Revolution AFO’s efficacy.

American Orthopedics Manufacturing Corp.



2 Responses to Adjustable Revolution AFO

  1. Beverly says:

    I just received my new revolution brace and so far I love it. Just wondering, my other foot is going to need help pretty soon, I am planning to ask my physician if I can be fitted for a brace for my other foot. Is it possible to wear a revolution brace on each foot at the same time or will I have to take turns wearing one and then the other? Just curious!

  2. Teresa Hamm says:

    Bi-lateral Revolution Braces may be worn at the same time as long the condition justifies the use and they provide a functional safe environment in gait and activity. Certainly, each patient condition is different. The Revolution AFO is the only patented dynamic suspension system available for foot and ankle issues.

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