September 2014

Air Active Kinegen Knee

Streifeneder USA introduces a new addition to its Kinegen Knee Line: the Kinegen.air-active 3A1800. Using polycentric technology, the knee joint provides an expanded range of motion with flexion angles up to 150°, as well as extra mechanical stance-phase safety in the event of stumbling. An adjustable, pneumatic twin chamber provides pneumatic swing-phase control, which, along with the dynamic performance of the joint linkage, facilitates a harmonic and natural gait. With an approximate weight of less than 2 lbs, it is designed for amputees with activity level 2 or 3 and a maximal body weight of 275 lbs.

Streifeneder USA


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  1. Saeed says:

    Hi.please email me the price of the joint

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