May 2018

Advisory Book for Parents of Child Athletes Pneumatic Walker

#HeySportsParents is a new advisory book written by Sharkie Zartman and Dr. Robert Weil. The book is intended for parents with children playing sports. The first segment of the book (Sports Parenting 101) covers the basics of parenting a young athlete, including the perks and pitfalls of youth sports, how to choose the right program, how to feed a young athlete, what a parent’s role should be, how to coach one’s own child, how to navigate the college recruiting process, and stress management. The second segment of the book (The Sports Doctor is In) shares valuable tips on sports safety, the dangers of overtraining and specializing too soon, and the real dangers of contact sports and concussion. Zartman is a former All-American volleyball athlete and champion competitor at UCLA. Weil is a sports podiatrist and the host of The Sports Doctor Radio Show.

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