May 2019

Act now to get your FREE iTOM-CAT Orthotic Scanning App!

TOM-CAT Solutions has been offering Orthotic Scanning solutions for over 15 years. That experience and advancement in technology has led to the development of the iTOM-CAT. TOM-CAT is able to combine accuracy, reliability with an easy to use program, Freedom of Choice, and support. The program is free and only takes a few minutes to get started.

The iTOM-CAT application utilizes an Apple iPad and a Structured Sensor to capture a 3D image of the foot and/or ankle. The 3D image is then retrieved by your fabrication lab to manufacture your device.

It is an established program and there is a proven history of reliability.

HIPAA compliant with login requirements.

Freedom of Choice allows you to select and send orders to multiple orthotic labs from the same program. There are numerous benefits such as retaining patient data even when you switch labs, your staff only need to be familiar with one application and simplified Data management to name just a few. Call TOM-CAT at (215) 443-9220 or visit

TOM-CAT Solutions


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