May 2017

ACLR patients exhibit hop test deficits between limbs and vs matched controls

In the moment: Sports medicine

By Jordana Bieze Foster

After anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR), hop test scores differ not only between limbs but also when scores for either limb are compared with normative data from healthy athletes, according to research from the Netherlands that could have return-to-sports implications.

In 52 patients (14 women) a mean of seven months after ACLR, investigators from the University of Groningen assessed performance for each limb on three hop tests: single-leg hop for distance (SLH), triple-leg hop for distance (TLH), and side hop (SH).

For the group overall, scores differed significantly between limbs for all three tests. In the female patients, significant between-limb asymmetry was found only for the SLH test. Scores for both the involved and uninvolved limbs of the ACLR patients differed significantly from those of matched healthy athletes for the SLH and TLH tests. SH test scores differed significantly between the controls and the involved limbs of the male ACLR patients.

The findings were epublished in April by Orthopedics & Traumatology: Surgery & Research.


Gokeler A, Welling W, Benjaminse A, et al. A critical analysis of limb symmetry indices of hop tests in athletes after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: a case control study. Orthop Traumatol Surg Res 2017 Apr 17. [Epub ahead of print]

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