February 2017

GE Healthcare, NBA call for proposals

Chicago-based GE Healthcare and the National Basketball Association (NBA) in January announced four newly selected research initiatives and issued a call for a third round of research proposals focused on bone stress injuries for the organizations’ Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Collaboration.

The latest round of winning research proposals that address myotendinous injuries went to Suzi Edwards, PhD, University of Newcastle, Australia, for the “HAMI study: investigating hamstring and adductor myoten­dinous injury risk factors in basketball;” Johannes Tol, MD, Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam, the Nether­lands, for the “Basketball and muscle injury (BAMI) study;” Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD, University of Wisconsin-Madison, for “Clinical, biomechanical, and novel imaging biomarkers of hamstring strain injury potential in elite athletes;” and Timothy Hewett, PhD, Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Minneapolis, MN, for “Comparative effectiveness of hamstring muscle strain injury prevention programs.”

Up to $1.5 million is available for proposals selected during the current round of funding, for which applications are due by April 17. For more information visit gex.brightidea.com/GENBACFP.

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