May 2014

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Cell games: Clinical use of stem cell therapy is starting to outpace the evidence

Stem cell therapy is rapidly gaining momentum as a clinical option for indi­ca­tions including meniscal injury, wound healing, and osteoarthritis. But high-level research on the tech­nol­ogy’s efficacy and long-term safe­ty is hard to come by.

By Emily Delzell

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Out on a limb: Prevention Whac-a-Mole

Say what you will about FIFA’s political entanglements—soccer’s international governing body has set the standard for developing injury prevention programs that are effective not just in a controlled research setting but also in the real world.

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

Special Educational Series: Pediatrics

Pediatric05-14cvrSmaller patients, bigger challenges

Children are not simply smaller versions of adults, and therefore their healthcare shouldn’t be a scaled-down version of adult management. We know this. But every once in a while we come across a poignant reminder of just how important that maxim is.

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Special Section

athlete-specialATHLETES AND INJURIES: The global question of prevention

All the countries in the world share the challenge of keeping athletes healthy, and in April, sports medicine experts from across the globe met in Monaco to discuss the best ways to address those challenges at the IOC World Conference on Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport. LER’s exclusive coverage of this event details clinical and scientific progress toward prevention of lower extremity injuries from ankle sprains to hamstring strains.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

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Healing hypoxic wounds: Fighting an uphill battle

A lack of oxygen can negatively affect wound healing in a number of ways, but surgical, pharmacological, and other technological advances are allowing clinicians to enhance oxygen delivery to damaged tissues and…

By Nanjin Park, DPM; Latricia Allen, DPM, MPH; Mary Nametka, MSN, RN, CWS, CWON, FNP-BC; Vickie R. Driver, MS, DPM, FACFAS

Elastic therapeutic tape: Applications at the ankle

Research on the use of elastic therapeutic tape in patients with chronic ankle instability is limited, but recent findings do suggest that leaving the elastic tape on for several days is associated with improvements in…

By Janet Simon, MS, ATC; Emily Hall, MS, ATC; and Carrie Docherty, PhD, ATC

Knee OA guidelines take patient-centric approach

Updated guidelines and new appropriate use criteria for nonoperative management of knee osteoarthritis aim to focus more directly on typical knee OA patients, who often have comorbidities that can complicate care and…

By Larry Hand

Clinicians’ shoes can send mixed message to patients

Patients often look to foot and ankle practitioners for advice about footwear choices. But a recent survey of physicians found that nearly half don’t educate their patients about footwear guidelines, and that only one in…

By Daniel Farber, MD


In the Moment: O&P

By Greg Gargiulo and Emily Delzell

Post-stroke balance: AFO use may improve self-efficacy

Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) improve self-reported balance confidence and may also improve physical functioning in individuals with chronic poststroke hemiplegia, according to a study published in the April issue of…

Rehab with energy-storing orthosis boosts function after military trauma

An integrated orthotic and rehabilitation program for soldiers with severe lower extremity trauma improves physical function and pain and decreases consideration of late amputation, even when patients begin it more than two years after injury.

Cost-effectiveness data favor bracing alone to prevent recurrent ankle sprain

Bracing costs less and prevents recurrent ankle sprain more effectively than bracing plus neuromuscular training (NMT), according to a cost-effectiveness analysis of injury prevention methods.

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

RCT finds lower diabetic reulceration rates with DIApedia custom orthoses

A single-blinded multicenter randomized controlled trial of shape- and pressure-based in-shoe orthoses manufactured by State College, PA-based DIApedia shows the experimental insole reduced ulcer recurrence significantly better than three standard-of-care orthoses, though the experimental insole had no significant effect on the occurrence of nonulcerative lesions, according to research published April 23 in Diabetes Care.

Ottobock shifts services to Salt Lake City

Minneapolis, MN-based Ottobock in April announced the relocation of its fabrication and after-sales service operations from Minneapolis to Salt Lake City, UT.

Merck’s sprifermin slows cartilage loss

A proof-of-concept trial published in April in Arthritis & Rheumatology reported that intra-articular injection of 100µg sprifermin (recombinant human fibroblast growth factor 18), made by Merck Serono S.A. of Geneva, Switzerland, reduced loss of total femorotibial joint cartilage thickness and volume in the lateral knee compartment of patients with knee osteo­arthritis.

Vibram settles suit, must pull problem ads

Concord, MA-based Vibram USA agreed in May to settle a class action lawsuit that claimed the company made false advertising claims for its minimalist FiveFingers footwear, which are designed to mimic barefoot running.

Aspetar to host groin pain conference

Aspetar, a hospital for ortho­paedics and sports medicine in Doha, Qatar, is soliciting abstract and poster submissions for its first World Conference on Groin Pain in Athletes. The conference is scheduled for November 1-3 at the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence Auditorium in Doha.

GlobalData predicts double-digit growth for surgical foot and ankle device market

A leading international research and consulting firm predicts double-digit growth for surgical foot and ankle devices, according to April remarks by Linda Tian, MSc, an analyst for the company, London-based GlobalData.

DuPont drink aids amino acid delivery

A randomized double-blind trial published in April in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that drinking a protein blend of soy, casein, and whey after resistance workouts extends duration of amino acid delivery to the vastus lateralis muscle compared with a single-source protein drink.

Groups fund concussion-MSK injury study

A joint committee of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) in April awarded Daniel Herman, MD, PhD, its 2014 ACSM Foundation-AMSSM Foundation Clinical Research Grant.

BOC makes key management changes

The Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC), based in Owings Mills, MD, announced in April some key management changes to facilitate integration of its certification and accreditation departments and create a consolidated approach to credentialing.

Event to honor Benno Nigg retirement

The University of Calgary in Canada will celebrate the retirement of internationally known biomechanist Benno M. Nigg, Drscnat, Drhc, at its International Calgary Running Symposium, scheduled for August 14-17.

AlterG offers treadmill referral program

Fremont, CA-based AlterG is now offering a referral program for practitioners who use the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill in their physical therapy clinics.

Harvest Tech tests stem cell therapy in CLI

Plymouth, MA-based Harvest Technologies is following up favorable pilot study results with a larger trial of its of autologous bone marrow aspirate concentrate product for treatment in patients with critical limb ischemia (CLI).


Tri Lam Custom
Foot Orthoses

Hersco Ortho Labs announces that it has a new line of Tri Lam custom foot orthoses with several material choices. Tri Lam technology layers materials of different durometers, allowing the practitioner to vary…


Euro International, now successfully operating as Streifen­eder USA, announces the launch of the AK-Suspender. Designed for use with a transfemoral prosthesis, the suspender’s high-tech style and…

Sloped CAD-CAM 

JMS Plastics Supply has added sloped blockers to its growing family of materials and supplies for milling machines used in computer-aided design and manufacturing.

Skeo 3D Liner,
MagnoFlex Lock

Ottobock announces two new products: the Skeo 3D liner and the MagnoFlex lock. The Skeo 3D is a silicone prosthetic liner that introduces Anatomy Specific Geometry (ASG) technology, which reflects the complexity of the lower leg anatomy and…

Shields II 
Hinged Brace

Hely & Weber introduces the Shields II hinged brace, which maintains the multiuse dynamic control features of the original Shields Brace but is lower profile, lighter weight, and more breathable.

From ComfortFit

ComfortFit Orthotic Labs announces a partnership with Redi-Thotics whereby the Max and Flex products will be added to ComfortFit’s comprehensive line of prefabricated orthotic devices.

 Fast Fit Inserts

Cascade Dafo’s popular line of prefabricated Fast Fit foot orthoses has a new streamlined look. HotDog, PattiBob, and Chipmunk shoe inserts now feature a breathable blue fabric covering, designed to improve durability while keeping feet cool and comfortable.

Men’s Midtown 
Microfiber Socks

Sigvaris is proud to introduce a new collection of compression socks designed exclusively for men. From a day at the office to a night on the town, Midtown Microfiber socks offer a comfortable compression option for men who care about keeping their legs healthy.

Klute Sandal

KidZerts announces a new footwear product for children, the KidZerts Klute Arch Support Sandal, which is designed to help align the lower extremities for improved posture and balance.

Elite OTC 
Foot Orthoses

Northwest Podiatric Laboratory introduces a new line of prefabricated foot orthoses, Elite OTC, as a medical-grade alternative to insoles from specialty retailers.

Diabetic Defense 

The PediFix Footcare Company introduces its DiabeticDefense line of topical products. These formulas help people with diabetes take better care of their feet. They wash away fungus and bacteria and help prevent skin breakdown that can lead to infections and ulcers.

Ankle Joint

OTS Corporation has introduced its new Double Adjustable Ankle Joint. The new ankle joint features an all stainless steel construction for stronger, longer lasting control. The lightweight (1.5 oz) joint has an ultra-small joint head to reduce overall bulk.