May 2010

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PLANTER’S PUNCH: Kicking and ACL injury risk

Most studies of kicking in soccer have focused on the kicking leg. But the biomechanics of the plant leg, which often functions at odd and unexpected angles, may have greater implications for injury.

By Sarah E. Clagg, DPT, Angela R Warnock, MPT, and James S. Thomas, PT, PhD

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Weakness in numbers

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when it’s spring in New England, particularly when there are frost warnings in late April and the local hockey and basketball teams are still playing well into May. But one telltale sign is when the air is abuzz with baseball statistics. By Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Economic downturn has upside for your practice

Call it rose colored glasses, or simply being the eternal optimist. Whatever you call it, historical evidence suggests that certain companies can trace their phenomenal business successes to decisions made during severe recessions.

By Jason Kraus

Runners and shoes: The knowledge gap

Long-distance running continues to be a popular recreational pursuit in the U.S. The running boom of the 1970s opened the door for mass participation in road races and marathons, and today there are an estimated 36 million runners in the U.S. Increased participation, however, has led to an increased number of injuries as well. The yearly incidence of running injuries is estimated to be between 37% and 56%.

by Ryan C. ...

Plantar shear: Casting light on ‘dark matter’

Researchers and practitioners are gradually realizing that peak plantar pressure may not be as useful for predicting and preventing diabetic foot ulcers as previously thought, and are beginning to refocus their attention on plantar shear.

By Metin Yavuz, PhD

Yoga practice enhances management of knee OA

Research suggests that a tailored yoga practice can help reduce pain and improve function in patients with knee osteoarthritis. Potential mechanisms include strengthening, improving flexibility, and altering gait biomechanics. by Richa Mishra, MD, and Sharon L. Kolasinski, MD

Balance assessments for ankle instability

Identifying balance deficits associated with functional ankle instability may help practitioners design proper rehabilitation protocols. But when it comes to accuracy and clinical utility, not all balance assessments are created equal.

by Scott E. Ross, PhD, ATC, Shelley W. Linens, PhD, ATC, and Brent L. Arnold, PhD, ATC

Strength in moderation: Finding synergy in CP

Strength training can help address weakness in children with cerebral palsy, but it can’t restore lost motor signals. Orthoses can help balance muscle activity while providing stability, but in some patients can hinder normal motion. Ultimately, the ideal synergy between the two approaches may be different for each patient.

by Cary Groner


In the moment: O&P

Net gain for ankle bracing – Rigid and semi-rigid ankle braces may help prevent inversion ankle sprains in female volleyball players with no previous history of sprain, according to research published in the April issue of Foot & Ankle International. Plus: • Neuropathyandgait • Partialweightbearing • Erratum

In the moment: Footcare

PTTD prognostication – Four variables, identifiable at an initial clinical evaluation, can help predict whether bracing will be successful in patients with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction, according to research from the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY.

Plus: • Athleticshoetraction • OrthosesandMTSS

Market Mechanics


Aircast Airheel Brace

DJO introduces the Aircast Airheel brace which is specifically designed to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and heel pain. Using two interconnected aircells located under the foot arch and the back of the heel, the brace applies pulsating compression with each step to help reduce swelling and discomfort, and enhance circulation. The brace is made of lightweight, breathable fabric and is simple to apply – just slip it on like ...

Body Armor Night Splint

The new Body Armor Night Splint from Darco provides a specific and sustained stretch to the plantar fascia by actively and comfortably loading the windlass mechanism. A toe strap dorisflexes the first metatarsophalangeal joint, which stretches the plantar fascia and also provides a low-load stretch to the Achilles tendon, deep flexor muscles and calf muscles. Loading the windlass mechanism naturally brings the foot and ankle to a near 90° angle. ...


YogaToes is a new foot stretching, aligning, and conditioning system designed to treat or prevent multiple foot conditions including hammertoes, bunions, and plantar fasciitis. The device is engineered from soft, hypoallergenic medical gel that is BPA- and latex-free, and made in the United States. The YogaToes product is designed to increase circulation, improve balance, rejuvenate cramped feet, and straighten bent toes. The foot device comes in three sizes and can ...

Sher Custom Embossed Orthotics

Promote your business name and logo with Sher Brand Custom Embossed Leather Orthotics from Sroufe Healthcare Products. Customizing a quality product with your embossed name and logo allows you to promote your business and retain customers for repeat orders. Custom logos are easily created from a business card, letterhead, or graphics files. There are no additional fees for custom products. The orthotics feature a premium leather topcover, high density Poron ...

Slip-Resistant Athletic Shoes

Drew Shoe Corporation introduces its new line of slip-resistant athletic shoes, available in four styles: Men’s lace-up (Atlas), Men’s Velcro (Apollo), Women’s lace-up (Hara), and Women’s Velcro (Venus). The shoes feature a removable, dual-density footbed with added heel cushion pad, arch support, and medial heel stabilizer. Each design incorporates a slip-resistant outsole, firm heel counter, tempered steel shank, and foam-padded tongue and collar. The two removable inserts mean the shoes ...

KeepingPace KPO96 Shoe

KeepingPace, manufacturer of children’s orthopedic footwear, announces the arrival of their girls’ Mary Jane, style KPO96. Designed to accommodate an- kle foot orthoses and adaptive footwear needs, the KPO96 features extra depth-extra widths, a flexible fit, full toe box, molded extended heel coun- ters, medial-lateral supports, and a seamless lining. The up- pers are made from high grade nubuck leather materials with breathable mesh, with an ad- justable length Velcro ...

Tri-Series AFOs

Eastern Podiatry Laboratories introduces three new AFOs: the Tri-Lock, Tri-Flex, and Tri-Motion. The Tri-Lock AFO is a plastic reinforced, leather covered ankle gauntlet. It is available in 11 leather colors and three nubuck colors, four closure types, two standard heights (seven- and nine-inch) or create your own height, and three heel types. Customized braces are built to customer specifications. The Tri-Flex offers the same options as the Tri-Lock, but with ...

Digital Foot Scanning

iStep Wave Aetrex Worldwide introduces the iStep Wave – a completely wireless foot scanning technology that captures three essential elements of feet: foot size, arch type, and pressure points.  The iStep Wave features 3,744 gold-plated barometric sensors and 1,326 infrared LED’s to accurately create a two- or three-dimensional blueprint of the foot in less than 30 seconds. Utilizing Aetrex’s proprietary 360° Wireless Technology, the iStep Wave is operated with a ...