July 2014

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The rise and fall of minimalist footwear

Once thought by some to be the next big thing in running, minimalist footwear has been scrutinized in recent years by researchers and class-action plaintiffs who claim the shoes do not provide the same benefits as barefoot running…

By Cary Groner

Publisher Message

Rich Dubin, Publisher
Publisher’s memo: Rewards of listening

I have been in the lower extremity publishing space for 25 years, and one thing I have realized is that listening is the key to learning.

Richard Dubin, Publisher

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Out on a limb: Five-year milestones

In the five years since the launch of Lower Extremity Review, some things about lower extremity healthcare haven’t changed much. Diabetes is still an epidemic. Stem cells are still the next big…

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

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CONFERENCE COVERAGE: Orthotics Technology Forum 2014


Lower extremity clinicians, orthotic lab owners and managers, and technology experts convened in Chicago in June to discuss the technical and clinical implications of new advances in orthotic design and manufacturing technology.

Sponsored by an educational grant from…


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A special thanks to the advertisers

As we celebrate our 5th anniversary here at LER Magazine, we want to say “thank you” to the advertisers who were a part of this special anniversary issue, and to all of the advertisers who have made these 5 years possible!

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Thanks to our manuscript authors!

magazine is only as good as the words that fill its pages, and LER is no exception. As we celebrate our fifth anniversary, we’d like to sincerely thank the many researchers and practitioners who have contributed manuscripts…


Functional movement tests and injury risk in athletes

Efficient, low-cost, field-ready functional movement tests may be useful in preparticipation physicals to identify and provide preventive treatment for individuals with an elevated risk of injury, as well as aiding return-to-sport…

By Kathryn Schwartzkopf-Phifer, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, and Kyle Kiesel, PT, PhD, ATC

Studies explore statin use for lower limb indications

A growing body of research suggests that statins may help improve not just cardiovascular outcomes but also those associated with lower extremity conditions such as peripheral arterial disease and knee…

By Larry Hand

Revisiting the status quo for AFO strap placement

Conventional wisdom says dorsal straps for ankle foot orthoses should be positioned at a certain angle to resist heel rise. Now preliminary research from Georgia Tech is calling that practice into question…

By P.K. Daniel

Foot ulceration in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Research has identified ankle-brachial index, loss of sensation, and deformity as predictors of foot ulceration in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, and also suggests that ulceration influences…

By Jill Firth, PhD, BSc (Hons), and Heidi J Siddle, PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons)


In the Moment: Sports Medicine

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Screening gets specific: Functional testing studies sharpen focus

As evidence accumulates in support of functional movement testing for predicting injury risk, researchers are taking a closer look at how functional screening can be applied to specific athlete populations.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Athletes with hip flexor tightness have reduced gluteus maximus activation

Hip flexor tightness is associated with reduced gluteus maximus activation during an overhead squat, according to findings from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) that are consistent with…

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Hip exercises boost postural control in individuals with ankle instability

Four weeks of hip external rotator and abductor strengthening significantly improves postural control in patients with functional ankle instability (FAI) and may be useful for preventing recurrent instability…

By Jordana Bieze Foster

In the Moment: Diabetes

By P.K. Daniel

An ill windlass: Neuropathy is associated with impairment

Windlass mechanism impairment is evident in patients with diabetic neuropathy and could contribute to increased plantar pressures and ulceration risk, according to research from the …

By P.K. Daniel

Many who consider their feet normal have abnormalities, loss of sensation

Self-reported information about foot health from patients with type 2 diabetes, particularly those with peripheral neuropathy, is not reliable, according to research from the University of Western Australia in Perth.

By P.K. Daniel

Depression-like symptoms improve after diabetes distress interventions

Patients with diabetes often struggle with depression-like feelings, but research suggests those symptoms may not need to be treated as a comorbid psychiatric condition.

By P.K. Daniel

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

Michigan passes direct PT access law

Michigan Gov Rick Snyder signed legislation on July 1 that will allow state residents to go directly to a physical therapist (PT) for evaluation and treatment without physician referral.

OHI acquires Australian Orthotic Group

Ronkonkoma, NY-based Orthotic Holdings, Inc (OHI), announced in June its acquisition of the Australian Orthotic Group (AOG,) an orthotic distributorship serving the Australian and New Zealand…

Mountain running champ joins Spenco

Waco, TX-based Spenco in June signed elite mountain runner Joseph Gray as its newest brand ambassador. On July 6 Gray successfully defended his USA Track & Field Mountain Running …

Ferber authors biomechanics text

Reed Ferber, PhD, ATC, associate professor of kinesiology at the University of Calgary and director of the Running Injury Clinic in Calgary, Canada, has authored a textbook that focuses on running…

Streifeneder opens new US sales office

Tampa, FL-based Euro International, which has been operating as Streifeneder USA since December 2013, in June became the exclusive North American office of Streifeneder ortho.production, a manufacturer…

Ottobock offers amputee fitness app

Minneapolis, MN-based Ottobock released a fitness app in June designed by physical and occupational therapists to support lower limb prosthesis users with a self-managed workout regimen.

Justin Blair, Aetrex form partnership

Teaneck, NJ-based Aetrex Worldwide, a global distributor of comfort and wellness footwear products, and Justin Blair & Company, a manufacturer and supplier of shoe supplies and foot care products headquartered in Chicago…

Stable Step purchases Archmolds

West Chester, OH-based Stable Step in May inked a deal to buy Archmolds, and will add the San Diego-based company’s heat moldable insoles to its Powerstep orthotic and support products.


SmartTemp Liner

WillowWood’s Alpha SmartTemp Liner brings temperature control to prosthetic liners with Outlast, a heat management technology that was developed for NASA. The product is designed to absorb heat…

pHast Legs for DOMS

Rocktape’s new pHast Legs is a new product designed to keep an athlete’s pH levels in balance, reducing the incidence and severity of delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and recovery time. During exercise…

Ped Lite Penny Loafer

Ped Lite is proud to introduce the Scott, an adjustable penny loafer specifically designed for patients with diabetes. With a roomy 6/16″ of extra depth, the Scott loafer is designed to be both stylish and affordable…

Niagara Custom AFOs

Niagara Brace announces a new line of custom thermoplastic ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). These braces are made from a cast or computer scan using 3D imaging and CAD-CAM technology, with a standard…

Neolon with Silpure

JMS Plastics Supply introduces its Neolon top cover, which incorporates Silpure into neoprene. Neolon with Silpure provides antimicrobial protection against bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus using…

Leg Health iPad App

Sigvaris introduces a new iPad app for practitioners who advise patients about their leg health. The app helps explain the circulatory system and leg health conditions to patients in an illustrative way that is…

Innowalk Mobility Device

Thanks to a new partnership agreement between Ottobock and Norway-based company Made for Movement, Ottobock has exclusive distribution rights in North America for the Innowalk, a motorized…

Comfortable Klogs

Klogs for men and women are designed to mimic the comfort of walking barefoot. A range of individuals—including teachers, chefs, medical providers, outdoor enthusiasts, and senior citizens—can benefit from…