September 2021

The Essential Role of Human Adipose Tissue

Human adipose tissue serves multiple roles in the human body. Human adipose-derived stromal cells (ADSCs) are an increasingly popular cell source for biologic therapies in orthopedics and a major focus of research. ADSCs are multipotent and can be harvested from adipose tissue and minimally processed in several different ways to create viable biologic treatments. They play an important role in the various functions of adipose tissue, which contains a variety of bioactive molecules, making it an intriguing cell source. It is crucial to understand the anatomy and functions of adipose tissue as this becomes a more regular source for regenerative and healing cells in the field of biologics. This recently released literature review  provides an updated understanding of adipose tissue, including its anatomy, functions in the human body, and role as a perivascular cellular source for tissue renewal, in addition to its role in providing cushioning and support to various structures. The entire report is available via Open Access.

Source: Dragoo JL, et al. The essential roles of human adipose tissue: metabolic, thermoregulatory, cellular, and paracrine effects. Journal of Cartilage & Joint Preservation. 2021;3(100023). doi: 10.1016/j.jcjp.2021.100023

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