July 2020

Skateboarding Survey: 70% Suffer Lower Extremity Injuries

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In a web-based survey of 197 Spanish skateboarders (mean age 24.4 years; 89.3% male) researchers from the University A Coruña in Spain sought to better understand the practice habits and injuries of skateboarders.

Skateboarding as a sport has been growing for several decades and was to be included in this summer’s now-cancelled Tokyo Olympics. With its growth have come maneuvers with increasing level of skill and greater potential for injury. Indeed, they found that nearly 90% (n=173) of the skateboarders surveyed reported 323 skateboarding-related injuries. Males accounted for more than 85% of the total number of injuries. Further, 54% of the injuries occurred in skateboarders younger than 18 years, and 58% occurred in those with less than 3 years of experience. More than 75% of the injuries required treatment by a physician, physical therapist, or both, regardless of age, sex, or experience. Injury risk was determined to be 0.31 in the current population. Incidence rate was estimated to be 0.55 per 1000 hours of practice.

  • Most common injury was ligament sprain (40%), followed by bone fracture (23%), and contusion (7%).
  • Most common anatomic location was ankle (40%), followed by knee (14%), and wrist/forearm (10%).
  • Lower limbs suffered the most injuries (7%).
  • 55% of injuries were considered severe (>21 days to heal); 29.6% were moderate (8-21 days), and 16% of the injuries were minor (1-7 days).
  • Ligament sprains were most common recurrent injuries (69%; n = 46) and affected mostly the ankle (70%; n = 47).

Source: Rodriguez-Rivadulla A, Saavedra-Garcia M, Arriaza-Loureda R. Skateboarding injuries in Spain: a web-based survey approach. Ortho J Sports Med. 2020;8(3):23259671 19884907.

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