December 2013

Langer Biomechanics: Quality, innovation, and education

Langer’s core values for more than 40 years

By LER Staff

Langer Biomechanics provides a broad array of products to keep patients mobile. The company philosophy is to leverage innovative technology, relevant client-focused services, and medical education to secure its market leader position in foot orthoses, ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), and other durable medical equipment (DME) products.

Through Orthotic Holdings Inc. (OHI), Langer is part of a growing family of medical companies aimed at providing a complete continuum of care for its healthcare practitioner customers who specialize in multiple lower extremity disease categories.

“Our core objective is to partner with our healthcare provider customers for a common goal of achieving optimal patient outcomes. We do this by offering innovative technologies, consulting services, and ongoing medical education focused on healthcare solutions for the lower extremity,” said OHI Vice President of Marketing and Business Development Elliott Yamada.

Langer offers all of its customers clinical consultative support to maximize patient outcomes. A designated Professional Account Representative (PAR) is assigned to each account. The company’s PARs are trained in biomechanics and orthopedics, and are available to answer questions from healthcare practitioners and review every prescription. Langer Biomechanics’ PAR team has an average of 20 years of experience.

“Our customers have the option of relying on the biomechanical expertise of our PAR team when managing tough cases. The PAR team’s vast biomechanical expertise often aids healthcare practitioners in finding solutions that meet the many unique needs of their patients,” said Yamada, who added that Langer will look to invest in expanding its team of account representatives throughout the upcoming year.

With a rich history of assisting practitioners in the identification of new patient care opportunities, Langer has devoted substantial resources to helping lower extremity clinicians care for the growing population of patients who have balance deficits and are at risk for falls.

“Langer will continue to invest heavily in the category of fall risk,” Yamada said. “Through internal R&D and a series of tuck-in acquisitions, we will also be well positioned to expand into additional, tangential disease categories.”

OHI acquired Milford, CT-based SafeStep in December. Through SafeStep, which markets diabetic footwear products and offers a comprehensive DME treatment protocol, Langer customers now have access to Worry Free DME, a proprietary technology that offers clients assurance of Medicare compliance and streamlined and accurate billing services for all DME items.

“The result is that our customers have a customer-friendly, cloud-based tool that eases the procurement process of the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Bill, making it easy to do business,” Yamada said.

He noted that, “Being viewed as partners in our customer’s medical practices is a responsibility that Langer takes very seriously. This is earned through consistently providing our customers with the highest quality products and services and going above and beyond expectations. We will continue to invest in opportunities that enhance these relationships.”

A good example of this commitment is Langer’s online customer portal. This easy-to-use tool provides Langer customers 24/7 access to inventory and order status information.

“As a global healthcare company, we can’t let time zones and geography become limitations—we are embarking on a very aggressive growth plan that will enable us to service our healthcare practitioner customer base with best-in-class service.” Yamada said.

Langer has also adopted technological innovations to put convenience directly into the practitioner’s office, developing the ScanCast 3D orthotic scanner to eliminate the need for plaster or fiberglass casting.

Yamada said clients anywhere in the world can use ScanCast 3D to scan a patient’s feet and, within minutes, Langer’s fabrication facility in Ronkonkoma, NY, receives the scan and begins processing the order. In addition, Langer has a no-cost business model for clients to incorporate the ScanCast 3D system into their practices.

No matter how the prescriptions are sent, Langer Biomechanics provides exactly what the doctor ordered—whether that be custom-made foot orthoses, ankle foot orthoses, diabetic footwear, DME braces, PPT-engineered foam materials, therapeutic hosiery, or additional lower extremity healthcare solutions, Yamada said.

“Langer is leading the way in orthotic and lower extremity care with professional support derived from highly trained experts, commitment to innovation, and superior craftsmanship,” said Yamada.

Article sponsored by Langer Biomechanics.

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