August 2014

BigShot/BigShot Lite


BigShot-2BigShot-indicationsSureStep BigShot

A growing child means eventually outgrowing the original SureStep SMO. The BigShot and BigShot Lite are the perfect solutions for older children who still need the stability of SureStep.

The SureStep BigShot incorporates all of the same features of the SureStep SMO with the addition of a soft silicone-like inner boot to ensure comfort. The flexible, plastic outer frame serves to provide the compression and stability that children exceeding 80 lbs. need, but allow all of the normal, necessary flexibility for a smooth, natural gait pattern.


BigShot-3SureStep BigShot Lite

The BigShot also comes in a “lite” version for children between 50 lbs. and 90 lbs. The BigShot Lite offers a thinner inner boot, as well as a thinner, more flexible plastic than its stronger counterpart, the BigShot.

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