December 2010

Out on a limb: Shop and learn

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor

The J. Peterman Company is probably best known as the erstwhile employer of Elaine Benes on “Seinfeld.” But the company and its distinctive catalogs made a lasting impression on me when I first came across them years earlier.

It wasn’t the products themselves that stood out for me, though some of them certainly were unique. It was the sly way the copywriters snuck in just a little bit of education on every page. I never before had a shopping experience in which I might inadvertently learn who gave Sherlock Holmes his famous “fore and aft” hat, how London bobbies communicated before the advent of the metal whistle, or which empress first popularized fingerless gloves.

Like those catalogs, the LER Resource Guide provides practitioners with a uniquely informative shopping experience. The color-coded, pathology-based guide helps you quickly and easily find companies that sell the products your patients need. But along the way, you just might learn something that could change your practice.

Maybe that something will be a nugget of news or a fresh perspective from one of the 16 feature articles found throughout the Resource Guide, on topics ranging from diabetic socks to pediatric footwear to pressure measurement technology. Maybe in the lists of references from the medical literature that appear in every section, you’ll come across a study you hadn’t seen before.

We’re convinced that shopping for lower extremity products can and should be an educational experience—one that’s at least as valuable as shopping for antique whistles, fingerless gloves, and detective’s hats.

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