December 2009

Out on a limb: It’s all about you

By, Jordana Bieze Foster, editor

At Lower Extremity Review, we know there are literally thousands of products out there that can help you improve your clinical outcomes. But the existence of all those products doesn’t really do you or your patients much good if you don’t know where to find them.

That’s where this Resource Guide comes in.

We’ve designed this special issue of LER specifically with the practitioner in mind, with color-coded sections organized by clinical indication rather than by product category. So all the therapeutic options for diabetes, for example, are in one Diabetes section rather than scattered throughout multiple product-specific sections. Less time searching for products means more time you can spend with your patients.

Within each section, companies are listed alphabetically, along with address, phone number, and web site URL. If you’re looking for a specific company but aren’t sure which clinical indication applies, head to the Alphabetical Company Listings in the back of the guide.

Each section also features a list of current references from the medical literature, along with news articles on timely, clinically relevant topics—educational resources that might have just the information you need to choose the right products for your patients.

We think you’ll find this Resource Guide so useful that you’ll want to keep it handy throughout the year. But if you misplace it, you can find all of its content online at, with searchable listings and references that will take the experience to the next level.

Please let us know what you think. We’re already brainstorming ways to make the 2011 Resource Guide even more valuable for your practice, and we’d love for you to be a part of that process. We think your patients might appreciate it too.

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