December 2014

Out on a limb: Critical care

emily-delzellEmily Delzell, Project editor

Hopefully none of the practitioners who read LER will ever have to treat a disease as difficult and as deadly as the Ebola virus that has killed thousands in West Africa, as well as a number of doctors and nurses who traveled there to treat those affected by the outbreak.

To care for the sick, prevent spread of disease, and protect themselves from infection, these healthcare workers rely on tons of equipment and supplies, including protective suits and masks, plastic sheeting to construct emergency care units, infrared thermometers to assist with screening, and low-tech yet essential chlorine and soap.

Providers meet a less dramatic—but no less important—challenge every day in lower extremity practices, where they rely on good access to specialized products, materials, and services to give their patients the best possible clinical outcomes. LER created the Resource Guide to help practitioners reach this goal.

In these pages, you’ll find staples of clinical practice alongside innovative new products and services that can improve your patients’ health and quality of life. With hundreds of product listings, detailed looks at 18 lower extremity companies and the clinical tools and services they provide, and the latest medical references from the lower extremity literature, the Resource Guide can help you find the supplies and information you need and connect you with the companies that deliver these critical resources.

The struggle to provide health, healing, and quality of life goes on every day in lower extremity care. We at LER hope the Resource Guide can help you win the battle.

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