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April 2022

What Are You Looking For?

A large part of 3D printing orthotics is to leverage different aspects of the additive process, without necessarily altering the type and style of orthotics practitioners are looking for. Perhaps another reason why 3D printing remains on the “ever-receding horizon” is because of the way segmental stiffness, for one example, has been applied.

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November 2020

Letter to Editor: Transverse Arch Importance Overstated

I write in response to the September 2020 LER article, “Overlooked Arch in the Foot Is Key to its Evolution and Function,” by William Weir, which discusses the article, “Stiffness of the Human Foot and Evolution of the Transverse Arch,” by Venkadesan et al, published in Nature in early 2020.

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January 2019

Pes Anserine Tendino-Bursitis: To Inject or Not To Inject

While the pes anserine bursa has been shown to occupy the bulk of the proximal medial tibia, the area of maximal tenderness is palpable with the tip of the index finger in the same specific location − slightly posterior to the middle of a line drawn between the apex of the knee flexion crease and the tibial tubercle (Figure 1). Continue reading

April 2013

Al Pike – Clinical Prosthetist

Most individuals and organizations outside the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) think artificial limbs when they hear the word prosthetics. The term VA Prosthetics is misleading to many people and organizations’ including members of Congress as VA Prosthetics (Prosthetic and … Continue reading