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August 2018

Consider the Benefits of Gastrocnemius Recession for Recalcitrant Plantar Fasciitis

Surgical management of recalcitrant plantar fasciitis has largely been limited to plantar fasciotomy. A potential alternative is effective, relatively safe, and reliable gastrocnemius recession, which addresses the effect of gastrocnemius muscle contracture on these patients.

By Joseph G. Wilson, DPM, T. Craig Wirt, DPM, PhD, Jonathan L. Hook, DPM, MHA Continue reading

August 2018

Patellofemoral Pain in Adolescents Presents a Treatment Challenge

Patellofemoral pain is a common condition among adolescents, with nearly 7% of the today’s adolescent population affected.1 It’s a particular burden for girls—it affects as many as 10% of adolescent female athletes2, and the pain likely shuts them out of sports at a similar rate to…

By Nicole Wetsman Continue reading

August 2018

Neuromuscular and Kinematic Adaptation in Response to Reactive Balance Training

This randomized controlled study evaluated the efficacy of slip-simulating reactive balance training compared to conventional balance training in regard to falls prevention.

By Anne Krause, Kathrin Freyler, Albert Gollhofer, Thomas Stocker, Uli Brüderlin, Ralf Colin, Harald Töpfer, and Ramona Ritzmann Continue reading

August 2018

Falls Prevention among Older Adults: It Takes a Village

When most people think about September and the start of fall, they think of the beginning of the school year, getting back into routine after the summer, and cool crisp days. At the National Council of Aging (NCOA) when we think about fall, we think about and plan for National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, which is observed around the country on the first day of fall.

By Kathleen Cameron, MPH Continue reading

September 2018

Össur Formfit Pro 3D Compressive Knit Solutions

Introducing Össur Formfit Pro, a new 3D compression knit line by Össur, designed for people who suffer from various musculoskeletal conditions or ailments yet strive to remain active. Össur‘s Formfit Pro range includes Formfit Pro Knee for compression and patella support; Formfit Pro Knee OA, providing pain relief and… Continue reading

September 2018

The Neuropathic Walker is your solution

The Neuropathic Walker is a more advanced and comfortable solution to the CROW Walker. The Neuropathic Walker is integrated with custom molded 3/16” solid polypropylene and 1/4” Aliplast lining with the same trim lines as a CROW Walker. We use high-quality leather that is molded over the solid polypropylene. Continue reading

September 2018

Stop Morning Heel Pain with Medi-Dyne ProStretch NightSock

New on the market from Medi-Dyne is the ProStretch NightSock. The product is designed to help alleviate heel pain associated with plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, calf muscle cramps, and runners’ cramps. By keeping the foot in a slightly flexed position, the ProStretch NightSock comfortably elongates the muscles and… Continue reading

September 2018

Data-Gathering Performance Treadmills

Mobius, AMTI’s new line of performance treadmills, comes in two models: one fixed-tilt and one inclinable, capable of a 25% gradient. Both models have two independent 8800N-capacity force platforms, and a frame engineered to achieve the highest possible natural frequency, with the goal of providing industry-leading data quality. Continue reading

September 2018

Kinetic Research Flagship Ankle-Foot Orthosis

The Noodle is Kinetic Research’s flagship ankle-foot orthosis.  This patented technology creates a quick and simple solution for drop foot.   What makes this ultra-lightweight AFO special is its next generation of carbon fiber properties that allow it to maintain dynamic motion and energy return. Continue reading

July 2018

Variable Abduction Hip Alignment Orthosis

Swash, the variable abduction hip alignment orthosis from Allard USA, has a fresh new look. Swash Steady replaces the previous Swash Classic model and Swash Go replaces the previous Swash Low Profile device. Designed with the patient and caregiver in mind, the new… Continue reading

July 2018

Winter’s Day Boot

The Winter’s Day boot by Samuel Hubbard is a cross between a bedroom slipper and a Gore-Tex trail boot, with the look of a proper gentlemen’s sole. The shoe features a Davos Ice Sole with super grip technology, which is designed to keep the wearer sure-footed in all climates, including icy conditions. Continue reading

July 2018

Thorlos Adventures Series Socks

Thorlos’ Adventure Series lifestyle-specific protective socks have design features that make them appropriate for multiple activities and environments. The Thorlos Adventure Series socks are available in four styles:  Thorlos for the Outdoor Athlete are… Continue reading

July 2018

Matplus Adjust-A-Heel

Matplus’ Adjust-A-Heel lift is a fast and simple solution to correct leg length discrepancy and can also be used to treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, and heel spurs. The lifts are constructed of ultra-durable, firm MP sponge layers; the peel away layers allow for 3/8”, 1/4”, or 1/8” total thickness. Continue reading

July 2018

Ultralight Walking Shoe Collection

The new Ultralight collection of Walking Shoes from Waldlaufer USA is made with soft, water-resistant nubuck or leather for breathability and durability. The shoes feature a weather-covered footbed that is cushioned and feather-light for maximum comfort, and… Continue reading

July 2018

Soft Density Massage Ball

OPTP has added a foam massage ball to its product lineup. The PRO Soft Release Ball features a soft density for comfortable massage and stretching, suited for physical therapy, tension release, and exercise recovery. Continue reading

July 2018

Swede-O Joint Wrap

The Swede-O Joint Wrap from Core Products International comfortably surrounds painful, inflamed joints with cold therapy. The adjustable straps provide compression and secure the pack to the painful area to help provide long-lasting, drug-free relief. Continue reading

July 2018

LER’s Bottoni Wins AOSSM Research Award

Orthopedic surgeon and LER Editorial Advisory Board Member Craig R. Bottoni, MD, and colleagues John D. Johnson, DO, CPT, Liang Zhou, MD, Sarah G. Raybin, BA, MAJ, James J. Shaha, MD, COL (ret), Kenneth K. Lindell, MD, MAJ, and David D. Thoma, DO, were…

Craig R. Bottoni, MD Continue reading

July 2018

USC Podiatric Surgeon, Neurosurgeon Collaborate on Smart Insole

David Armstrong, DPM, MD, PhD, a professor of surgery at the University of Southern California (USC), Los Angeles, Keck School of Medicine, and Charles Liu, MD, PhD, a professor of clinical neurological surgery and director of USC’s Neurorestoration Center, have collaborated on the development of a smart insole. The technology has implications for the reduction of amputations resulting from diabetic foot ulcers. Continue reading

July 2018

Visual Illusion of Altered Knee Size Reduces Pain in OA Sufferers

In a study published July 17 in the journal Peer J, researchers at the University of South Australia (UniSA) Body in Mind Research Group have found that people suffering from knee osteoarthritis (OA) reported up to a 40% reduction in pain when presented with an… Continue reading

July 2018

Barefoot Exercising May Improve Balancing, Jumping Skills in Children

“Walking barefoot is widely thought to be more natural, and the use of footwear has long been discussed as an influencing factor on foot health and movement pattern development,” said Astrid Zech, PhD, from the Institute of Sport Science, Friedrich Schille University of Jena, Germany. Toward this end, she and two research teams assessed… Continue reading

July 2018

Heel Defender Orthotic Insoles Selected for Clinical  Trial

Defender Operations, South Miami, Florida announced its Heel Defender Orthotic Insoles have been selected for use in a clinical trial of a new treatment for Achilles tendonitis. The treatment entails the injection of a bioactive tissue matrix allograft to promote healing of chronic Achilles tendonitis. A Level 1 randomized, multicenter, blinded, controlled, clinical trial is currently… Continue reading

July 2018

First Mobility-Impaired Runner Completes 100th Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Race

Beth Deloria became the first mobility-impaired runner to complete 100 races in the Rock ‘n’ Roll Series, and the 11th athlete overall to hit the 100-mark, when she completed the series’ Raleigh, North Carolina, event in April. Deloria, who has foot drop, uses an Allard ToeOFF AFO. She is also the founder of Allard’s TeamUP, the first national… Continue reading

July 2018

NATA Announces New VP, Secretary/Treasurer, Board Members

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) announced that Marisa Brunett, MS, ATC, LAT, has been elected vice president, and Chris Hall, MA, ATC, LAT, was appointed secretary/treasurer. Brunett replaces President Tory Lindley, MA, ATC, whose presidential term began June 28. Continue reading

July 2018

From the Literature: Diet, osteoporosis, and hip fracture

Osteoporosis reduces bone mass, weakening the overall microarchitectural structure of bone tissue and leaving individuals susceptible to fractures from falls, or in severe cases, hard sneezes. That postmenopausal women are at increased risk for osteoporosis and the fractures it causes, has been known for some time.

By Janice Radak Continue reading

July 2018

Incorrectly fitted footwear, foot pain and foot disorders

This narrative review, excerpted here, sought to determine the prevalence of incorrectly fitted footwear and to examine its association with foot pain and foot disorders across 18 studies involving 3,205 patients.

By Andrew K. Buldt and Hylton B. Menz Continue reading