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October 2020

Inventor’s Corner: BioSensics’ Wearable Technology Supports Aging in Place

In 2007, wearable sensor technology was just gaining traction. Applications (known as apps) largely focused on fitness and wellness, measuring things like numbers of steps and hours of sleep. However, Ashkan Vaziri, Ph.D., and a few friends had an idea for a different approach: They believed that wearable sensors with medical applications could help older adults remain independent as they age. Continue reading

July 2020

DorsiFLEX: Physical Therapy Device for the Treatment and Prevention of Plantar Fasciitis, and More

Jim Cooper, a world-class runner during the 1980s and early 1990s, developed bilateral plantar fasciitis late in his running career. He sought help from a physical therapist, he says, and was given stretching exercises to do—wall leans, heel drops, and pulling on his toes with a towel—none of which seemed to help. Continue reading