Custom Fashion Orthopedic Footwear by OTABO

I have been attending conventions in all lower extremity medical specialties for over 22 years and just returned from the North American Pedorthic Congress meeting in Orlando, FL where I met an incredibly dynamic custom footwear company. Returning to the roots of custom shoe making at the highest level, OTABO is bringing a new experience to orthopedic footwear. Working closely with pedorthic visionary, Arnie Davis, CPed, OTABO is developing a one-on-one relationship with the shoemaker and the consumer rather than producing footwear for the mass market . Utilizing 3D scanning equipment to capture foot measurements, OTABO is able to accurately produce a custom pair of shoes for the everyday consumer as well as patients with challenging diabetic foot conditions. These shoes are the highest quality with spectacular patterns and designs. The customer/patient can select the toe shape, color, leather, details, lining and outsole to create a truly custom product. No two feet are alike so OTABO makes the right and left to the individual sizing requirements. The team of OTABO is pictured below and I was happy to meet them and learn about their product line product line. I’m sure you will, too!

Arnie Davis, CPed, Howard Shaffer, Sabrina and Christopher Finlay

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  1. I am sure this will be the future, an exciting concept.

  2. Clyde Wilkinson says:

    Want to know more about your custom made shoes for deformed feet. Thanks.

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