November 2020


PodoSmart is an easy-to-use web-based solution that allows healthcare professionals to clinically assess patients with mobility disorders. Using smart insoles connected to a mobile application via Bluetooth, objective measurements of patients’ walking and running activities can be obtained in real-world conditions, anywhere. PodoSmart provides immediate biofeedback, and the results are translated into clinical data that can be used to propose the most appropriate treatment. The following activity results are measured:

  • Metrics: variability, asymmetry, gait line, and propulsion rate
  • Kinematics: pronation/supination angle, foot progression angle, steppage, and clearance
  • Spatiotemporal: speed, cadence, stride length and velocity, stance phase time, swing time, propulsion speed, double support, and contact time

The smart insoles come in 6 European sizes, from 36 to 47. They are rechargeable via USB for 33 hours of continuous active use


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