April 2012

Vasyli + Prior Sports Orthotic

Vasyli Medical and Think Tank member Trevor Prior, podiatric surgeon and sports injury management specialist, announce the development of the Vasyli + Prior low profile sports orthotic. It has been specifically designed to fit into the confines of soccer or football boots or any tight-fitting, low-profile footwear featuring cleats, studs or spikes. The customizable prefabricated device features a subtle 4-mm heel raise and a 3° rearfoot post, which form a “smart” medial wedge for control without bulk, and intrinsic forefoot contours to balance the unique forefoot loads associated with studs and cleats.

Vasyli Medical



2 Responses to Vasyli + Prior Sports Orthotic

  1. Bart Sampson says:

    OK idea I like how it is low profile. DJ ortho has a patented insert called the Arch Rival that has been around for years and this looks like a thin version of it. It doesnt list what the cost is

  2. The wholesale cost of the devices is $35.99

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