April 2013

Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer

Elite Orthopaedics introduces the Advantage Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer for immobilization of the knee joint postoperatively or after injury. The brace is fully adjustable to accommodate varying leg circumferences and available in three lengths. It may be dispensed by orthopedic surgeons, orthotists, and licensed physicians. The Advantage Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer is lightweight and equipped with medial, lateral, and posterior stays along the brace to provide support and immobilize. A three-piece design and easy-to-use Velcro loop and lock closures help ensure a precise and comfortable fit.

Elite Orthopaedics



2 Responses to Tri-Panel Knee Immobilizer

  1. Amrita says:

    Can the tri-panel be worn for cerebral palsy splints as well?

  2. Elite Orthopaedics says:

    The tri-panel knee brace can be used when complete immobilization of the knee is required.

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