April 2018

ToePro Exercise Platform

HumanLocomotion.org offers the new ToePro Exercise Platform for strengthening specific small muscles of the foot and ankle to improve balance, enhance jump performance, and increase gait velocity. Because the toe and arch muscles provide stability during the pushoff phase while walking, jumping, and running, weakness in these muscles may lead to plantar fasciitis, stress fractures, bunions, and Achilles tendinitis. Older adults have toe strength declines of more than 35%, and the resultant toe weakness correlates with an increased risk of fall. Most foot strengthening protocols work the toe and arch muscles in a midline or downward position, which is not how these muscles are actually used – The ToePro platform was specifically designed to exercise muscles in their lengthened positions, which has been proven to increase strength gains  more than 400%.

Human Locomotion/Dr.Tom Michaud

Web: humanlocomotion.org

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