October 2019

ToeOFF 2½ and BlueROCKER 2½ AFOs

Due to the popularity of its other orthosis with half the heel height, Allard is now offering ToeOFF 2½ and BlueROCKER 2½ ankle foot orthoses (AFOs). Features include choice of wraparound or D-ring straps, which are easily applied for right- or left-hand pull; shorter, more gently contoured wings; pre-applied MikroFIX; and a Starter SoftKIT. These new AFOs are more easily adapted to shoes with lower heel heights; because there is a lower curvature in the forefoot, there is more space in the shoe toe box. ToeOFF 2½ Addition, which is a version of ToeOFF 2½, comes in 3 colors: camouflage, birch, and black. The smooth, sleek surface of the Addition model allows pant legs to slide easily over the AFO. ToeOFF 2½ and BlueROCKER 2½ are available in not-for-resale kits to use as gait assessment tools. All are available in small, medium, and large and in left and right.

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