October 2010

Strutz Arch Supports

Described by the company as “the human shock absorber”, Strutz is a line of arch supports that is designed to reduce stress and pressure on active joints, relieve plantar fasciitis pain, and lift fallen arches. The Strutz line includes the original Sole Angel arch supports, which feature cushioned pads and an elastic band that holds the arch support in place (facilitating wear while barefoot or while wearing slippers or sandals), and the waterproof Beach Walker arch supports, which feature a silicone arch support and an adjustable band.  Anti-microbial treated fabric helps prevent foot odor.


10 Responses to Strutz Arch Supports

  1. I have heard wonderful reports regarding the Strutz Cushioned Arch Supports. Where can I obtain more details regarding this product. Are there different sizes [How is the size determined?]; what is the cost; and how can I order the Strutz Cushioned Arch Support?

  2. Suzanne Ryan says:

    My 6 year old son has fallen arches. He can not walk any distance until he starts crying with pains in his feet and legs. Would strutz help him ? Is there anything else you could recommend to help him. Its not right for a small boy to be in pain.

    Thanks a mil

  3. connie carpenter says:

    i have very flat feet, and fibromyalgia , and a very messed up back. iam wondering if your strutz supports will help me? i am in ALOT! OF PAIN.

  4. loren Abbey says:

    The product itself appears to be as advertised but I am always leery of these TV deals that advertise a second unit “free” – just pay shipping and “processing,” whatever that is. When “shipping & processing” are figured in, the poor sucker usually ends up actually buying two, whether he wants wants a second one or not.

    Is that the case with Strutz arch supports?

  5. Sally says:

    I puchased Strutz to alleviate foot pain due to plantar fascitis. However, they were too painful to wear, and I cannot return them because Strutz makes the S & H so high that it is not financially reasonable to do so. So I have 2 pair sitting in a drawer…..

  6. Emma says:

    I love these. Just bought them. I was walking through the store with horrible back pain and I saw these on the shelf. I figured for 10$ why not. As soon as I got to my car I put them on, and even sitting, the pain went away like instantly. I know thi sounds like BS but I never write reviews for anything. But I just had to. I’m literally going to buy 4 more just so they never wear out. Idk I’m just obsessed. Maybe the pain will come back, idk. But as of right now…LOVE THEM.

  7. cindy rifkin says:

    where can I buy these what stores?

  8. mal rhode says:

    i bought the strutz to help with the facitis. using them as decriped on the intruction, i have found that they did nothing. My feet are still in pain and i still have a hard time walking after 6 months

  9. Pamela says:

    I bought a pair and so far I like,only wear at work,on my feet 7 hrs a night.
    My question is…..how long will they last or in other words when should they be replaced?

  10. brenda vandewege says:

    You can buy at Bed Bath and Beyond. Saw them yesterday (jan 31) there for $10.99 and you can use 20% off coupon. Thinking about trying some. If you dont like them or for whatever reason you just return to store…no hassles.

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