June 2018

Sock Aid

Advanced S.A. International Ltd. now offers the new Sock Aid for easy donning and doffing of socks for people who have difficulty bending or other mobility issues. The cordless unit requires easy one-handed operation and is compact for traveling. For donning, the sock is affixed to Easy On Sock Aid fully open and inside out with the heel in the correct position. The unit is then placed on the floor and the foot slides into the device, thus putting the sock on. The Easy Off Sock Aid features a pronged end for easily grasping the top of the sock for doffing. The user can then lever off the sock easily; the prongs retain control of the sock allowing the user to bring the sock to their hand without bending. The Sock Aid is available internationally and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Advanced S.A. International Ltd.


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