March 2018

Skived Metatarsal and Longitudinal Arch Pads

Aetna Foot Products has introduced Skived Metatarsal and Longitudinal Arch Pads, used to transfer or distribute weight from problem areas, minimizing pain and discomfort, while providing proper alignment, support, and cushioning. Skiving the pads removes material from the edges, providing a tapered edge which allows for better contouring and a more comfortable fit around prominences for improved patient comfort and care. Arch pads come in 2 sizes and offer stability while supporting the user’s arch. Metatarsal pads come in one standard size. The pads are available in high-quality 70% wool/30% rayon blend orthopedic felt backed with medical-grade, acrylic, water-based adhesive.

Aetna Foot Products


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