November 2020


Skineez Skin-Reparative Hydrating Diabetic Socks are infused with 5 key skin-healthy benefits: retinol, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, vitamins A and E, and rose hip oil. This patented product delivers 24-hour hydration. These non-elastic, seamless socks are made from moisture wicking fibers and are 100% latex free. In clinical trials, 80% of users achieved softer, firmer skin in just 1 hour. Skineez diabetic compression socks were designed to provide maximum comfort; relieve pressure on the foot arch, heels, and ankles; fight nerve pain; and offer protection from bacterial and fungus infections. Skineez brand proudly supports the movement to educate consumers about diabetes and the importance of protecting their feet, with a focus on offering these socks to repair and protect the feet and legs of people with diabetes. NDC-coded with skin protectant.



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