October 2020

RevoFlex DorsiFlexion AFO

RevoFlex by Click Medical is an AFO solution for safely progressing a patient through therapy. The dorsiflexion kit can be easily fabricated into plastic-hinged AFOs to give on-demand support while enabling patients to safely dial in when fatigued or in unstable situations. With this orthotic solution, the patient can tune their progressive tension levels to safely and independently dial in optimal support and increase their mobility faster. RevoFlex allows muscle development by reducing device dependence and enabling progression toward full range of motion, thus reducing the risk of re-injury. Using 1 adjustable device to progress patients through therapy eliminates the cost of multiple fabrications and refitting appointments. The powerful dial provides patients with limited strength and/or dexterity to effectively adjust the device. With RevoFlex, practitioners can create AFOs that work for patients, not against them.

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  2. Ritchie Roman says:

    I’m in dire need of my left foot afo and I currently using the splint version of afo but it doesn’t help me with my pain management and ac7causes more pain for me to deal with than just being with my afo similar to this type but it was shattered by my bed one night when my bed malfunction and fell to the floor crushing my personal fabricated afo design specifically to scale by my actual size of my left leg and shape of the leg itself with its curvatures and all natural dust fu 9 it because I am a brain aneurysm stroke ssf survivor who had a great medical care plan prior to being a part of Medicare and the tbi patient who is about to have a sore on my foot from not having a proper afo to get around with and tha pain is debilitating to me and if it worsens it could cause more problems causing pain and my stay here to last longer than anticipated to because I am expecting to get my discharge back to society again later this year hopefully because I don’t have any more work to do with my walking around with the afo as long as I have a proper one with a proper shoe to wear with it I’ll be fine and able to reunite with my daughter brooklynne Ritchie who is about to graduate from high school and then off to college ivy league school so in CV closing

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