March 2021

PRO-PODS Release and Stabilization Exercise Tools

OPTP has introduced the PRO-PODS Release & Stabilization Tools. Sold as a pair, these lightweight and portable exercise tools feature a textured domed top and a smooth, flat bottom. Measuring 6 ½” x 3 ½” x 2″, the oval-contour shape fits under both hands and feet comfortably, allowing for a variety of exercises performed standing, in bridge position, or in plank position. PRO-PODS can be used with the textured side up for the ideal amount of pressure to help muscles relax. Use for passive- and active-release exercises on the neck, shoulders, IT bands, calves, soles of the feet, and more. They can also be used with the smooth side down for stability, or with the smooth side up for added challenge. Perform low impact stabilization and balance exercises including lunges, bridges, push-ups, and downward-facing dog. Step-by-step exercise instructions and photographs are included.



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