January 2012

Ponseti AFOs with PFS/Toe Stilt

MD Orthopaedics offers the Ponseti AFO Toe Stilt, Ponseti AFO/PFS, and Ponseti  AFO/PFS Toe Stilt, all compatible with the Ponseti abduction bar. The AFO Toe Stilt features a severe permanent wedge to keep the foot in 10° of dorsiflexion during standing. The articulated Plantar Flexion Stop (PFS) limits plantar flexion with rigid dorsiflexion to maintain the prescribed position of the foot. The AFO/PFS is intended for the complex clubfoot with neutral or negative dorsiflexion, or to maintain alignment in children with hyperflexible feet.  The PFS and Toe Stilt can also be combined for maximum control.

MD Orthopaedics



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