February 2011

Pneusplint Inflate-first Splint

Care2 Medical offers the Pneusplint, a disposable, inflatable air splint that conforms to virtually any extremity fracture. Invented by a 20-year veteran of the firefighting/paramedic industry, the inflate-first splint facilitates a stable and secure fit around any straight or angled extremity. Velcro straps allow for easy readjustment and perforated hinges enable the user to simply tear the splint without tools. The device comes in three sizes and is designed to hold an ice pack in place to minimize swelling while supporting the limb. Clear, latex-free material allows easy visual evaluation and is x-ray translucent.

Care2 Medical

2 Responses to Pneusplint Inflate-first Splint

  1. Kathryn says:

    I have used these splints and they are incredibly good. They are very compact and easy to use in the field.

  2. Certified Athletic Trainer says:

    What is the cost of these splints since they are disposable? How are they inflated? I have not been a fan of inflatable splints unless the fracture is stable and non-displaced. Air splints tend to move bones and try to mold the extremity to the desired shape of the splint. They also tend to put pressure on the extremity which is not always desirable to the patient. The 2 rules of splinting are: (1) splint in the position found, (2) splint the joint above and below the suspected fracture. I would rather use a vacuum splint, Sam splint, or my preference for cost/comfort/ease of use is the 3M fiberglass, air activated, moldable splints. You tear open the package, secure in place with an elastic bandage, and in 5 minutes they are rigid enough to move. I can see situations such as sprains and strains where this splint could be the preferred choice, but not for all fractures. Just a thought.

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