October 2011

Össur Proprio Foot

Össur’s redesigned Proprio Foot with EVO (energy vector optimization) features intelligent ankle flexion so patients don’t need to think about each step to avoid tripping and falling. The lifelike ankle movement allows the Proprio Foot to adjust for normal sitting and standing and has automatic alignment that adapts to various types of footwear. The product detects toe-off, triggering dorsiflexion during swing phase to safely clear the ground and any terrain irregularities. The Proprio Foot received the 2011 Red Dot International Design Award. Its suggested Medicare assigned billing code is L-5973.




One Response to Össur Proprio Foot

  1. KATHIA VALDEZ says:

    Con este tipo de pie, puedo usar calzado de tacon? o cual es el que sutedes me recomiendan y finalmente que precio tiene?

    Gracias por su atención.

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