March 2011

Offloading Hawk C-Brace

Ward Medical Innovations offers the patented Hawk (Heightened Above Weight Keeper) C-Brace. The Hawk C-Brace is an orthopedic brace designed to off-load the entire foot and ankle, facilitating ulcer healing in patients with diabetes. Worn on the lower leg, the Hawk C-Brace transfers the load of the patient’s body weight from the bottom of the foot and the ankle to the calf. It is easily removed to allow for range of motion exercises and device cleaning. Ward Medical Innovations offers a written guarantee that patients’ insurance companies will reimburse the cost of the Hawk C-Brace.

Ward Medical Innovations


2 Responses to Offloading Hawk C-Brace

  1. vince whitley says:

    I am a technician that make braces like this (PTB) etc. and saw a patient today that has a ulcer on the medial side of his foor from hallux to heel. This Hawk C brace dosen’t allow the patient’s foot to have any contact with the brace correct. I you could send me some information on this brace i woould appreciate it.

  2. steve carlson says:

    Please send me information on the C brace including price

    Thank you

    Steve Carlson

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