November 2020


US surgeons prescribing Australian KiSS Ankle Systems are redefining orthopedic bracing use post-injury and avoiding immobilization for lateral ankle sprains (LAS). KiSS is a biomechanically customized intervention prescribed for rehabilitation to actively mobilize acute sprains through ‘intra-articular support’ of the talus within the ankle mortis. KiSS understands maintaining subtalar joint motion is integral to avoiding the consequences of rotatory talocrural compensation (mortar and pestle effect) from devices designed to restrict inversion range of motion (ROM), namely osteochondral lesions of the medial talus, and chronic lateral instability, functional and mechanical. KiSS systems provide an unprecedented level of safety, comfort, and compliance when used as personal protective equipment. Utilizing safe inversion ROM, KiSS ‘impulse suppression’ technology stores and returns normal inversion energy*, suppressing high impulse loading of a sudden LAS (Impulse = Force/(t2-t1)).

*May be slightly performance enhancing.

KiSS Ankle Co.

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