January 2010

In the Groove Knee Brace

In the Groove announces the launch of its flagship product, the In the Groove knee brace, which was just granted a patent for its unique action of femoral-tibial alignment so that the patella can track in the femoral groove. It relieves pain, improves mobility, and is a lightweight, comfortable, wrap around brace that can even be worn under clothing. It is based on a modification of a physical therapy exercise called the Mulligan Mobilization with Movement Glide. Just by wearing it, knee joint muscles are rehabilitated during weight bearing activity and further damage to the joint may be reduced or prevented.

In the Groove

One Response to In the Groove Knee Brace

  1. Tony Menyhart says:

    This brace works like magic. After wearing it for a week, I quit taking Ibuprofen, and I started running and playing rugby again. It somehow shifted the weight off my damaged meniscus so the swelling went way down.
    After two months I quit wearing it every day as it seems to have permanently changed the way my knee balances.
    Try it.

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