March 2018

Darco International Body Armor Pro Term Walker

Darco Introduces the Body Armor Pro Term for TMA, Chopart, and Lisfranc procedure healing. The Body Armor Pro Term is an interim orthosis for conservative treatment following amputations of the forefoot. Features of the device include – built in compression, wedge-shaped insole system for optimal rear weight bearing and offloading component, practical closure system, a liner that protects the stump, and excellent post-operative healing. The Body Armor Pro Term represents interim treatment to be worn for approximately 10 weeks following an amputation, allowing the stump to heal. Thereafter the patient can transfer to conventional or custom-made footwear. Official L Codes for the orthosis are L4360 and L4361. The Body Armor Pro Term is available through your Darco distributor. Contact Darco today.

Darco International




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