May 2021


OPTP’s CobbleFoam Uneven-Surface Balance Trainer simulates the challenges of moving on uneven terrain to help people improve balance and strengthen the lower extremities. It can also be used as a rehabilitation tool for those recovering from injury or surgery, for the elderly, or for athletes who want to improve performance. This durable, 16″ x 16″ EVA foam board with removable blocks has a foam base with non-slip bottom. Each board includes 8 short (2¼” high) and 8 tall (2¾” high) foam blocks that can be moved to form different patterns. The board can be used to perform exercises such as walking, hopping, marching, lunges, squats, gait training, and more. Create a dynamic balance challenge and customize the system to your application using multiple boards and other elements including balance pads, slant boards, and hurdles. Exercise instructions and access to online videos are included.



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