June 2018

Capture Complete Gait Analysis in Minutes!

Tekscan’s Strideway has simplified the gait analysis process with easy access to essential gait parameters and a platform that is flexible in length. Unlike other systems, Strideway provides pressure information, as well as spatial, temporal and kinetic parameters for a complete gait analysis. With 256 levels of pressure/force data, the Strideway allows clinicians to identify areas at risk for ulceration, stress fractures or paint points for the patient. Performing an evaluation is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete! The wider active area and flush surface minimizes trip hazards and easily accommodates patients with mobility aides, like a walker or those with gait dysfunctions. Learn more at https://www.tekscan.com/strideway-ler

Web: Tekscan.com/strideway-ler

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