March 2018

Amputee Repair Kit

Wearers of prosthetic devices need to maintain the device, as well as the residual limb. This maintenance includes adjusting or tightening the prosthetic limb to ensure more comfort and safety, as well as caring for the skin the prosthetic goes on. Sergius Industries has developed the Amputee Repair Kit (ARK) to provide all the necessary items an amputee needs to care for prosthetic and residual limbs. The kit comes in three configurations: Home, Vehicle, and Travel. Kits include such items as a 3-way Hex 4/5/6 mm, AdaptSkin 50, quick-dry towels, baby powder, multitool with light, blister care kit, tape, hydrocortisone cream, antibacterial wipes, 4-inch crescent wretch, bandage shears, tegaderm dressing, alcohol prep pads, HealthyLimb skin protectant, isopropyl alcohol, prosthetic cleanser, travel power strip, and 10 x M8 x 12 mm cup set screws.

Sergius Industries


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