October 2009

Alegria Shoes and Clogs

Integrity Orthotics introduces the stylish Alegria fall shoe and clog line.  A huge array of styles and colors is available, all sharing the same deep, orthotic-friendly foot bed. The introduction of this line at the 2009 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Podiatric Medical Association in Toronto this summer drew rave reviews for comfort and style. The shoes provide the added benefit of a rocker-bottom outsole design, enhancing gait and relieving heel and central metatarsal pressure. For marketing the Alegria shoes in your office, Integrity Orthotics also offers a table-top display with sample shoes, examination room posters, high-resolution shoe photos, and color order forms.

Integrity Orthotics

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One Response to Alegria Shoes and Clogs

  1. lyse says:

    I had total hip surgery 1 1/2 years ago, am very active and am on my feet for most of the 12 hour shifts I work. do these shoes offer proper alignment, and support. How do they differ from Danskos?

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