January 2013

Biomedix releases PAD detection devices

St. Paul, MN-based BioMedix in December introduced the latest generation of PADnet, its flagship noninvasive vascular testing device, along with a new product, VEINnet.

PADnet detects peripheral artery disease (PAD) by measuring ankle-brachial and toe-brachial indices and through its pulse volume recording capabilities, which include postexercise and segmental pressures testing.

The device, which performs its noninvasive testing in 15 to 20 minutes, is Doppler-enabled to allow external Doppler device input.

VEINnet offers multimethod venous refill tests to identify chronic venous insufficiency as well as venous outflow testing to help determine the presence of proximal venous obstruction.

VEINnet produces results in about 15 minutes, facilitating early detection of these conditions.

The devices send test data to a remote specialist for web-based interpretation, providing a platform that encourages collaborative care.

VEINnet and PADnet systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with BioMedix disease management and practice optimization products and services, creating a comprehensive solution.

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