March 2015

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Download the Complete issue as a PDF (12mb)

Cover Story

Down syndrome and total hip arthroplasty: Opportunities to optimize outcomes

Total hip arthroplasty can markedly improve quality of life in patients with Down syndrome, but the comorbidities and developmental disability associated with the chromosomal abnormality need to be taken into…

By Shalmali Pal

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Rethinking pain

Pain doesn’t always behave the way we think it will. An intervention that relieves pain in the majority of patients might not provide relief for a significant minority. But that might mean we need to change the way we think about pain.

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Hallux valgus and plantar pressure measurement

Researchers and clinicians have found that plantar pressure assessment can help document the dynamic effects of hallux valgus surgery, postoperative physical therapy, and footwear or orthotic interventions, particularly in cases…

By Hank Black

The role of hip strength in ACL rehabilitation

A protocol that includes isolated hip strength­ening exercises during the early stages of postoperative rehabilitation after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction may provide a platform on which to build in the later stages of rehab and may predict future performance.

By J. Craig Garrison, PhD, PT, ATC, SCS

Elastic therapeutic tape: The search for evidence

Athletes swear by it, but quality studies on elastic therapeutic tape are hard to come by, and the literature is littered with conflicting or inconclusive findings about the technique’s efficacy…

By Cary Groner

Predicting recurrence after clubfoot treatment

In the search for factors that predict recurrence after use of the Ponseti method for successful treatment of idiopathic clubfoot, conclusive evidence is in short supply. However, the one factor that is…

By Rachel Y. Goldstein, MD, MPH

Low back pain and risk of lower extremity injury

Low back pain is associated with kinematic and kinetic alterations that can increase the risk of lower extremity injury, parti­cularly in the presence of fatigue. New research suggests…

By Ram Haddas, PhD


In the Moment: Sports Medicine

By P.K. Daniel

Retraining gains: In-field cadence cues reduce impacts

In-field gait retraining, which cues a modest increase in step rate, can help address biomechanical risk factors associated with tibial stress fracture in runners, according to research from East Carolina University in Greenville, NC.

Study finds triceps surae injury rate associated with age in soccer players

Older elite male soccer players sustain significantly more triceps surae injuries than do their younger counterparts, and could benefit from targeted training to prevent such injuries…

Most baseball players return from ACL reconstruction, but play in fewer games

Nearly all Major League Baseball position players who undergo anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction return to play at least 30 games, but those who do return play in fewer games…

In the Moment: O&P

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Double bonus: AFOs improve dual-task gait in two ways

Wearing ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) is associated with both physical and cognitive performance during dual-task gait in children with myelomeningocele, according to research presented in…

Plantar flexion resistance alters knee flexion, foot strike in stroke patients

Increasing the plantar flexion resistance of an ankle foot orthosis (AFO) reduces knee hyperextension and changes foot strike pattern during gait in chronic stroke patients, according to research presented in…

More restrictive orthotic devices boost balance over time in children with CP

Balance improves over time in children with cerebral palsy (CP) who switch from a dorsiflexion-free orthotic device to a more restrictive one, according to research from Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

OHI expands lower extremity offerings with Apex foot health division purchase

Ronkonkoma, NY-based Orthotic Holdings Inc (OHI) has purchased Aetrex Worldwide’s Apex Foot Health & Wellness division, the companies reported on March 3. The new entity will be known as…

Olympic marathoner’s family sues Vibram

The family of Olympic mara­thon runner Abebe Bikila in February filed a lawsuit in Tacoma, WA, federal court seek­ing up to $15 million in damages from minimalist foot­wear maker Vibram for…

AOPA invites O&P research proposals

The American Orthotic & Prosthetic Association (AOPA) on February 27 unveiled its slate of 2015 RFPs (request for proposals), inviting O&P research project submissions.

BOC is OPAF Silver Sponsor for 5th year

The Orthotic & Prosthetic Activities Foundation (OPAF) announced in February that the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC) is for the fifth consecutive year a Silver Level Sponsor with a…

Tenex minimally invasive fasciotomy system eases plantar fasciitis pain

Data presented at the Society of Interventional Radiology annual meeting in March in Atlanta show percutaneous ultrasonic fasciotomy using Tenex Health’s technology relieves plantar fasciitis pain.

Olympian opens Algeos Innovation Suite

Olympic heptathlete Kelly Sotherton on February 24 officially opened Algeos’s £50,000 ($74,000) state-of-the-art medical technology center at Birmingham Metropolitan College’s Matthew Boulton Campus in the UK.

Sols offers direct-to-consumer insoles

New York City-based Sols announced in late February that it has secured $11.1 million in a Series B funding round to boost its consumer product pipeline.

JCSMS poster pick shows good results for percutaneous fibular fracture repair

The coauthor of the Joint Commission on Sports Medicine and Science’s (JCSMS) pick for Graduate Student Fellow Poster presented his work on February 21 at the JCSMS annual meeting in Memphis, TN, showing good results for…

Becker Orthopedic consolidates ops

Becker Orthopedic announced in February that it is consolidating operations at Albany, OR-based Becker Oregon with Becker Orthopedic’s main central fabrication services at the company’s headquarters in Troy, MI.

Spenco 2nd Skin sales on the rise

Waco, TX-based Spenco reported in early March that sales of its 2nd Skin first aid products have climbed steadily over the last two years, rising 9% in 2013 and 11% in 2014.

AlterG partners with PT provider network

Fremont, CA-based AlterG reported on February 25 its new partnership with the national Physical Therapy Provider Network (PTPN), based in Calabasas, CA.

Hewett to head Mayo sports med research

Sports medicine expert Timothy E. Hewett, PhD, will join the Mayo Clinic on July 1 as director of sports medicine research and biomechanics.

UK unis to host international PFP events

The University of Manchester and the University of Central Lancaster in the UK announced in February plans to host two international events on patello­femoral pain this September.

NATA gives first youth sports safety awards

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association on March 2 presented its inaugural Youth Sports Safety Ambassador Award to three recipients at the annual Youth Sports Safety Summit in Irvine, TX.

Triton device debuts at Hanger event

Birmingham, AL-based Hanger on February 3 debuted its Triton smart ankle at the annual Hanger Education Fair and National Meeting in Las Vegas, where practitioners fit two amputee patients with the microprocessor-controlled prosthetic ankle-feet.


Ring Lock Knee 
Joint 1402-B

The design of the Modular Ring Lock Knee Joint, model 1402-B, is intended to minimize size and weight without compromising strength or durability. Universal coronal and sagittal contours…

StabiloGen Eco
Knee Brace

Bort-Swiss Orthopedic Supply offers the new StabiloGen Eco (114 520J)—a knitted knee brace designed to prevent knee pain and provide patellar stabilization. The knee brace is engineered to…

Home Heart Beats
AFO Assist

The Original AFO Assist from Home Heart Beats is a lower body dressing aid used by stroke survivors, patients with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy, and other physically challenged…

Therapeutic Plus
Diabetic Insoles

Barefoot Science has introduced Therapeutic Plus insoles for patients with diabetes. The 3D two-tone mesh top layer, designed for enhanced durability and adaptability, is also…

Bunion Aid

New from Aircast, a DJO Global company, is the Bunion Aid. The product is a three-in-one aid that provides the benefits of a daytime device and a night splint for bunion pain relief…

3D Flat Premium

Pro-Tec Athletics has introduced its 3D Flat Premium Compression collection of supports for the ankle, knee, and calf. The 3D flat stitching facilitates 3D shaping of the fabric, which allows…

X-ray Views

An update for the CurveBeam pedCAT weight-bearing CT (computed tomography) imaging system introduces a feature that could eliminate the need for plain radiographs of the foot and ankle.

Bionic Leg

AlterG offers the AlterG Bionic Leg, a robotic assistive device that is activated by patient-
initiated movement, with benefits for both the therapist and patient. The Bionic Leg is…

Dr. Comfort
Exos Inserts

Dr. Comfort has expanded its custom functional insert line to include Exos advanced technology—a thermoformable material that allows practitioners to make adjustments quickly…

Software Updates

Delcam announces the 2014 R3 version of its OrthoModel software for the design of custom orthotic insoles. The software includes an updated user interface and the ability to display multiple…

Ottobock 6Y87 
Skeo 3D TF Liner

Ottobock announces the newest member of the Skeo liner family, the 6Y87 Skeo 3D TF for transfemoral amputees. Skeo 3D liners feature ASG (Anatomy Specific Geometry) technology…

Summer Sandals

Arcopedico USA is introducing Retro-Style Summer Sandals for 2015. Ellie is a 60s-inspired peep-toe design featuring a metallic leather upper and an adjustable Velcro ankle-strap closure for a secure fit…