January 2013

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The value of walking in children with CP: A matter of perception

The achievement of independent walking is a major focus of rehabilitation for children with cerebral palsy (CP). Even when mobility could be achieved more easily through the use of assistive technologies such as wheelchairs, independent walking is typically pursued as a major rehabilitation goal and other forms of mobility are often discouraged.

By Barbara E. Gibson, BMR(PT), MSc, PhD

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Out on a limb: RG3 – More than the knee

The sports world can’t stop talking about Robert Griffin III and his injured knee. But nobody’s talking about his brain. And they should be, because it’s very possible the two are related.

Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Lower extremity effects of detraining in athletes

Evidence suggests that when an athlete stops or tapers his or her training, the resulting effects on endurance, strength, balance, and lower extremity biomechanics may increase the risk of injury. Understanding these effects can help prac­ti­tioners minimize injury risks.

By Boyi Dai, PhD, and Jason C. Gillette, PhD

Trends and techniques in materials, part I: O&P

This two-part series examines trends in materials development and fabrication. This first installment focuses on how material strength, stiffness, and other variables affect the structural properties and design of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

By Cary Groner

Choosing children’s shoes: Mechanical considerations

Children’s shoes often are designed to look like adult shoes but lack the same structural components. Perhaps not surprisingly, research has dem­on­strated that running kinematics and kinetics differ significantly between seemingly similar child and adult shoes.

By Janet S. Dufek, PhD, Dana Forrest, MS, and John A. Mercer, PhD

Ankle instability treatment focuses on postural control

Interventions to improve postural control in patients with functional ankle instability include strength training, balance training, taping, bracing, and foot orthoses, but further research is needed to determine which therapeutic approaches work best in which patients.

By Janet Simon, MS, ATC, Emily Hall, MS, ATC, and Carrie Docherty, PhD, ATC

Whole body vibration for knee osteoarthritis

Whole body vibration may help improve strength and function in patients with knee osteoarthritis and may even slow disease progression. But contradictory findings, a lack of consensus on optimal parameters, and safety issues have even WBV advocates proceeding with caution.

By Cary Groner

Exploring mechanisms of diabetic foot ulceration

Prevention and treatment of foot ulcers in patients with diabetes requires an understanding of the various factors that contribute to increased risk, including anatomical deformity, poor vascular function, and di­min­ished capacity for healing at a microscopic level.

By Allyson Berglund, DPM, Matthew Juriga, DPM, Aristidis Veves, MD, DSc, and Thanh Dinh, DPM



In the Moment: Footwear

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Global podiatry and O&P giant Algeos opens in US, offers thousands of products
This month Algeos USA announced the grand opening of its warehouse in Riverside, CA, marking the arrival of Algeos UK into the US market. Algeos UK was established in 1881 and has been owned by the Sheridan family since 1990; ...
DJO Global acquires Exos, expects new products to increase operating margins
Vista, CA-based DJO Global, a provider of medical device solutions for musculoskeletal and vascular health and pain management, announced a merger agreement with Exos Corporation last month; the deal went into effect on December 28. Arden Hills, MN-based Exos, a medical ...
Foundation for Physical Therapy awards funds for PT scholarship and research
The Foundation for Physical Therapy, a primary source of funding for physical therapy researchers investigating innovative approaches to health delivery services, closed out 2012 by awarding $105,000 in scholarships and research grants, including two $40,000 research grants to support projects ...
ProLab acquires FootStride Technology
Napa, CA-based ProLab Orthotics announced in January that it is expanding its custom functional foot orthotic manufacturing business with the acquisition of FootStride Technology, a manufacturer of custom foot orthoses in Snohomish, WA. FootStride is recognized for its custom foot orthoses ...
Biomedix releases PAD detection devices
St. Paul, MN-based BioMedix in December introduced the latest generation of PADnet, its flagship noninvasive vascular testing device, along with a new product, VEINnet. PADnet detects peripheral artery disease (PAD) by measuring ankle-brachial and toe-brachial indices and through its pulse volume ...
Catalyst hosts adaptive climbing clinic
Atlanta, GA-based Catalyst Sports is scheduled to host a climbing clinic for people with physical disabilities on March 23, 2013, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. Catalyst will hold the event at Atlanta’s Stone Summit Climbing and Fitness Gym, one ...
Website fosters activity with disability
Earlier this month Mpower Sports and Recreation, an online resource for active individuals with disabilities, launched its website, which features interactive education and information about adaptive sports and recreation. Mpower Sports and Recreation’s mission is educating individuals and promoting activities that ...
Podiatrist publishes on diabetes self-care, hopes to help to prevent foot complications
Mark Hinkes, DPM, chief of podiatry at the Department of Veterans Affairs, VA Tennessee Valley Healthcare System in Nash­ville, has published an easy-to-read guide for prevention, treatment, and self-care of foot problems for people with diabetes and their caregivers. Healthy Feet ...
WFL attains clubfoot treatment milestone
Walk For Life (WFL) Bangla­desh, which offers no-cost treatment for clubfoot deformity, treated its 10,000th foot in January, according to Sazzad Hossain, WFL manager for donor relations. WFL Bangladesh, a program of the Australian Glencoe Foundation, began its work in 2009 ...
AOMC names marketing, education lead
American Orthopedics Manufacturing Corporation, under new management since last year, named Teresa Hamm its new director of marketing and education in late 2012, said Chief Operating Officer Chris Gizzi, CO. Hamm will be responsible for establishing and implementing educational programs for ...


Eccentron Trainer
The Eccentron from BTE harnesses eccentric resistance therapy, wherein muscles lengthen under force, for improved results. In geriatrics, the Eccentron provides 30%-40% more weight resistance than concentrics for improved strength, stability, and balance and a reduced risk of falling. In ...
iQube mini Scanner
Delcam’s new scanner, the iQube mini, is designed to benefit orthotic laboratories, clients, and practitioners by providing a more portable device than the current iQube model. The new model weighs less than 13 pounds, and its dimensions would be acceptable ...
TEC-3 Calf Sleeve
Star Nutrition announces the latest addition to its popular Incrediwear line: the TEC-3 calf sleeve. Engineered using an Italian 3D weaving machine and featuring carbonized charcoal anion technology, the 360-thread count TEC-3 material is designed to increase circulation to the ...
Keeping Pace Hi-Top Shoe
Children’s orthopedic footwear company Keeping Pace has launched a newly designed, hi-top athletic shoe with a flexible outsole. The KPHTP shoe has a double-depth, triple-width design specifically for accommodating ankle foot orthoses. The new athletic hi-top shoe features a 90° ...
EZ Stride Dorsi-Assist
The new EZ Stride Dorsi-Assist is for practitioners who want to “think outside the shoe.” The EZ Stride Dorsi-Assist, available in prefabricated or custom models, is an alternative to traditional in-shoe ankle foot orthoses for patients who cannot tolerate an ...
Y Roller Massage Tool
Pro-Tec Athletics offers the new Y Roller, a massage tool made with elastomer, a high density, durable foam. Designed to provide deep tissue massage and myofascial release, the Y Roller helps reduce muscle fatigue and tightness, promote flexibility, and enhance ...
Vertimax Training System
The Vertimax competitive edge training system is designed to improve speed, vertical jump height, and overall athleticism. Used by professional and collegiate athletes and designed to increase performance across all sports and ages, Vertimax simultaneously applies load to both legs ...
Flexible Rush Foot
New from Ability Dynamics is the Rush foot. The foot is made of a new composite fiber material, Flexeon, which is three times more flexible than carbon-fiber materials used in conventional prosthetic feet. The foot is designed for amputees with ...