August 2010

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Beyond Bunionectomy: The Role of Physical Therapy

More and more surgeons are embracing the idea that physical therapy after bunion surgery can improve range of motion and other functional outcomes. But some practitioners still aren’t sure it’s right for everyone.

By Linda Weber

Editor Memo

Out on a limb: Just average

Lower extremity researchers are realizing what practitioners already know: Sometimes, average just isn’t good enough. Anyone who’s familiar with the college admissions process can tell you about the limitations of averages. Sure, averages – in this case, grade point averages – can be useful as a screening tool, and to get a general sense of a student’s performance.

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Feature Articles

Patellofemoral taping: Pain relief mechanisms

A recent study sheds new light on the underlying mechanisms of patellar taping, helps explain some previous contradictory findings, and provides strong evidence for patient specific treatments.

By Frances T. Sheehan, PhD

Night splint treatment of plantar fasciitis pain

Both the traditional adjustable night splint and a dorsal night splint improved plantar fasciitis pain outcome scores in a retrospective study, with results trending in favor of the dorsal design.

By Selene G. Parekh, MD, MBA, Olubusola A. Brimmo, MD, Ryan May, BS, and Bret C. Peterson, MD.

ACL experts aim to take training to the next level

Research suggests that training protocols can reduce the risk of anterior cruciate ligament tear, but epidemiological evidence suggests that in the real world, training doesn’t work as well as it should.

By Barbara Boughton

Spinal cord injury: Role of ankle foot orthoses

The current approach to gait retraining after incomplete spinal cord injury emphasizes restoration of normal walking patterns rather than compensation, which is changing perceptions about AFOs.

By Preeti M Nair, PT, PhD, and Andrea L Behrman, PT, PhD

Evidence-based foot care in patients with diabetes

The medical literature provides a range of evidence on which to base treatment decisions, but the practitioner must interpret and evaluate that evidence in the context of his or her clinical expertise.

By Cordell Atkins, PT, DPT, CWS, CDE, CPed

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Featured Products

Neurotech Kneehab XP

Kneehab XP is a clinically proven neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) system designed specifically for quadriceps strengthening and as a result, improving knee stability. Kneehab XP incorporates patented Multipath stimulation technology that delivers highly focused, accurately coordinated quadriceps contractions. Multi-directional currents are designed for maximum muscle fiber recruitment and trigger stronger muscle contractions resulting in earlier post surgical outcomes. The system is designed for pre and post surgical use, sports injury ...

Colorful Cast Coverz

MediFab3 offers CastCoverz! – a colorful solution to the irritations of wearing a cast. Designed to fit over casts, braces, and boots, this product enables cast-wearers to keep the underlying device clean while making a stylish statement.  The cast cover devices are available in a range of fabric patterns, including camouflage, flames, stars, and skull and crossbones. Custom fabric styles and sizes also are available to allow patients to coordinate ...

Kalypto NPWT System

Kalypto Medical offers the Medical Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System. The NPD 1000 negative pressure wound therapy system (NPWT) features a pocket-sized pump and three peel-and-stick dressing applications: a 50 cc, a 140 cc and a diabetic forefoot dressing. The system utilizes suction to exudate into a dressing rather than a canister. The device features an 8 oz. pocket-sized pump (no canister to carry), making the system small, simple and ...

Comfort Ease Night Splint

McCarty’s Sacro-Ease offers the Comfort Ease Night Splint, designed to alleviate plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, and other lower extremity overuse injuries. Adjustable dorsiflexion straps gently stretch the plantar fascia and Achilles tendon. Three-dimensional molded technology allows for variable padding thickness in strategic locations for a comfortable fit. The design utilizes breathable Lycra foam padding to help eliminate heat buildup. The foam pads and straps are user-friendly, allowing easy adjustment for ...

IMAK Knee Strap

Brown Medical Industries offers the IMAK Knee Strap for non-invasive, targeted pain relief for the knee. A proprietary ergoBeads Pressure Pad conforms to the knee’s anatomy to provide gentle, focused pressure for maximum support, comfort, and stability. The knee strap features a dual-locking system designed to offer flexible tension and a precise fit. The strap provides focused pressure to reduce pain, while helping to stabilize the patella for improved alignment and ...

GeriMac and MiniMac Knees

Fillauer offers the GeriMac and MiniMac knees. Both knees feature automatic lock at full extension and adjustable release at heel off. Adjustable stance flexion is incorporated to provide shock absorption and smooth gait. Knees are designed for K2 activity level with confidence and control. The GeriMac and MiniMac knees are designed to be simple, stable, lightweight alternatives to polycentric knees, with the GeriMac weighing 13.6 ounces and the MiniMac weighing ...

Stump Warmer Stocking

Invented by an amputee who has dealt with severe phantom limb pain for two decades, the Stump Warmer is a multi-layered fabric stocking with a built-in heater. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the device generates heat for several hours on a single charge, allowing the amputee to rest comfortably, day or night. The Stump Warmer, also known as the Night-Kap, features four heat settings that help maintain proper body temperature ...

Thermoskin OL Knee Brace

Swede-O launches the functional ROM off-loading Thermoskin OL Knee Brace. This secure and lightweight full contact knee brace features a durable rigid aluminum construction and an easily adjusted flexion/extension stop for control and protection with increased activity. Soft molded condyle pads provide joint line contact for medial and lateral stability while numbered straps offer ease of application. Holders on the hinge pins minimize lost parts. The brace is indicated for ...