April 2014

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Cleat Smarts: Foot posture and injury risk in pitchers

Injuries in baseball are fairly common, with an incidence of 5.8 injuries per 1000 athletic game exposures and 1.9 injuries per 1000 athletic practice exposures in the collegiate ranks.

By Luis A. Feigenbaum, PT, DPT, SCS, ATC, LAT, CSCS; Kathryn E. Roach, PT, PhD; Chris Vitolo PT, DPT; Victoria Bown, PT, DPT; Sabine Gempel, PT, DPT; Natalia Sikaczowski, PT, DPT; Kelly Stapf, PT, DPT; and Michelle Whitaker, PT, DPT

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Teachings from Boston

As emotional as any tragic event is its first anniversary. New Yorkers know. Residents of New Orleans know. The families in Newtown, CT, know. Now it’s Boston’s turn.

By Jordana Bieze Foster, Editor


Patient Perspective: Taking an alternative path to chronic foot pain relief

After a year in a fracture boot with a broken foot, I thought my ordeal was over. I was wrong. The broken bone in my foot, sustained after a fall down a staircase in my home, had occurred midway down the fifth metatarsal bone below my little toe—a site that is notoriously difficult to heal, according to my podiatrist.

By Barbara Boughton

Cyclists and foot orthoses: A unique set of challenges

Finding the right orthotic design starts with the space limitations presented by cycling shoes, but the challenges for lower extremity practitioners don’t end there. Factors to consider when prescribing foot orthoses include biomechanics, skill level, cycling discipline, and bike technology.

By P.K. Daniel

Foam rolling: Early study findings suggest benefits

Foam rolling is a relatively new therapeutic approach, but early research suggests that it can help improve range of motion and muscle performance and aid in recovery after exercise. Questions remain, however, about the extent to which the effects involve myofascial mechanisms.

By Duane C. Button, PhD, CSEP-CEP, and David G. Behm, PhD

Foot and ankle strategies for patients at risk for falls

As a result of limitations in the fall prevention research to date, investigators and
clinicians are often left to make their best guesses about the effect of foot and ankle interventions based on the effect such strategies have on issues related to falls, rather than on falls themselves.

By Cary Groner

Vitamin D and knee OA: Many theories, few answers

Several patient populations with an increased risk of knee osteoarthritis also are at increased risk for vitamin D deficiency, and research suggests vitamin D levels may be related to knee OA symptoms. The exact nature of the relationship, however, remains perplexing.

By Greg Gargiulo


In the Moment: Diabetes

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Patients as people: Experts emphasize personal approach

The patient in the video, an older woman with diabetic neuropathy, is a dog lover. Her dog-shaped earrings give this away. And this just might be the most important thing for the clinicians treating her to know.

Extended analysis confirms ironic effect of diabetic foot cost cutting

An Arizona state Medicaid policy change designed to cut costs by eliminating podiatry services for diabetic foot infection had the opposite effect, according to a March presentation that included an extended analysis of previously reported data.

IWGDF training programs take hold throughout Central, South America

As the International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) undergoes a transition in leadership, the organization is reporting significant progress in implementing its Train the Foot Trainer (TtFT) program in Central and South America.

In the Moment: Sports medicine

By P.K. Daniel

Predicting more than risk: FMS may also have performance link

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is best known as a predictor of future injury in athletes, but a recent two-year study of elite track and field athletes now suggests a relationship between high scores, which indicate fewer deficits, and improved performance.

Cost-effectiveness study favors universal athlete training for ACL injury prevention

New research supports universal neuromuscular training of all young athletes—not just those at risk—as the most cost-effective and practical way to prevent anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries.

Joint stiffness and negative joint work change with footfall pattern in runners

Runners who switch foot strike patterns experience short-term changes in joint stiffness and negative joint work, regardless of whether a runner’s habitual pattern involves the forefoot or rearfoot, according to research from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Market Mechanics

By Emily Delzell

Delcam taps Cavanagh to give keynote at Orthotics Technology Forum in June

Biomechanics expert Peter Cavanagh, PhD, DSc, heads the presentation agenda at the 2014 North American Orthotics Technology Forum (OTF), forum sponsor Delcam announced in March.

Pro-Tec rebranding highlights action

Redmond, WA-based Pro-Tech Athletics updated its brand in February with a new logo, tagline, and easy-to-read packaging that includes injury information and visual anatomy.

ACFAOM 2014 offers interactive sessions

The American College of Foot & Ankle Orthopedics & Medicine’s (ACFAOM) annual clinical conference will focus on interactive podiatric education based on real clinical cases at its 2014 meeting, according to a March release from the organization.

Sigvaris celebrates 150-year anniversary

Peachtree City, GA-based Sigvaris is celebrating 150 years of compression technology production with its “Share Your Story Sigvaris” sweepstakes, the company announced in March.

Becker Orthopedic revamps website

Troy, MI-based Becker Orthopedic relaunched its website in February at beckerorthopedic .com with features that include a searchable online catalog, new product section, technical and clinical support, continuing education programs, and easy-to-access orthometry forms.

Foot, ankle surgeons install new board

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) installed its 2014-2015 board of directors on February 28 at its 72nd Annual Scientific Conference in Orlando, FL.

MVI Footcare vends Comfortland devices

Mettawa, IL-based MVI Footcare, a division of Med-Vet International, in March became a national distributor of Mebane, NC-based Comfortland Medical orthopedic rehabilitation, sports medicine, podiatric medicine, O&P, durable medical equipment, and orthotic products.

UNC Greensboro opens enrollment for online education in kinesiology doctorate

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG) will offer the nation’s first online doctorate of education degree in kinesiology beginning in fall 2014, university officials announced in March.

Cadence Kickstart enters Korean market

Seattle-based Cadence Biomedical inked a distribution agreement on March 6 with a Korean medical device importer for the US company’s KickstartPT and KickstartPersonal systems.

Nolaro24 offers live QuadraStep webinars

Middlebury, CT-based Nolaro24 has scheduled two live webinars on the use of its Quadra­Step system for pediatric and adult foot video gait analysis and foot orthotic selection and design.

Ottobock moves operations to Louisville

Medical device manufacturer Ottobock has begun relocation of its North America logistics and distribution operations from Minneapolis and Toronto, Canada, to Louisville, KY, the company reported in March. Based in Duderstadt, Germany, Otto Bock HealthCare established Minnesota-based Ottobock in 1958 as the Americas corporate headquarters.

Steadman orgs join US Olympic network

The Colorado Springs, CO-based US Olympic Committee in March designated the The Steadman Clinic and affiliated nonprofit Steadman Philippon Research Institute (SPRI) in Vail, CO, as a National Medical Center within the US Olympic Committee’s National Medical Network.

Palumbo adds new footwear, AFO lines

Richard Conrey, PT, CPO, and Shawn Conrey, PTO, CPA, CPed, have bought Dania Beach, FL-based sports brace manufacturer Palumbo from company founder Pasquel Palumbo, MD.

Stratasys holds amputee long drive event

Stratasys, a global maker of 3D systems and materials based in Rehovot, Israel, is sponsoring a competitive long drive event to introduce the growing golf-based sport to wounded veterans and other amputees as a new rehabilitation option.


Step Sensor 
Vibration Therapy

The Step Sensor is the first offering in Brownmed’s new line of vibration therapy products under the Intellinetix brand. The Step Sensor is a low-
profile, discreet device designed to harness the power of vibration to improve balance…

Soft Silicone
 Express Liner

WillowWood’s new Express Liner features its new softer durometer silicone, engineered to replicate the performance and comfort levels of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) for amputees who are used to wearing TPE prosthetic liners.

Rock Sauce 

Rocktape, known for its kinesiology tape products, has announced the release of Rock Sauce, a topical lotion for isolated muscle pain and joint soreness. The active ingredients in the lotion’s formulation include 20% methyl salicylate…

MVI Footcare
 Podiatric Chairs

MVI Footcare is proud to announce that its expanded equipment line now includes Algeos USA Podiatric Chairs. The Nova Eden, Nova Lune, and Nova Aire podiatric chairs are multifunctional, affordable, and designed with the patient…


Tekscan announces the release of MobileMat BESS, a computerized implementation of the Balance Error Scoring System (BESS) designed to improve the reliability of the postural stability component of sports concussion assessment.

 Sports Wrap

Star Nutrition announces the latest addition to its popular Incrediwear line, the Incredibrace elastic bandage wrap. Applications for the Incredibrace sports wrap include ankle sprains, tendinitis, and knee injuries, as well as general joint discomfort or pain.

 Gait Analysis

The G-walk, now available from Rehabilitation Technical Components, is a pocket-sized, wireless gait lab for user-friendly evaluation of spatiotemporal gait parameters. To assess a patient’s gait sym­metry, just strap on the cellphone-sized…

Flexible Ulcer 

Mölnlycke Health Care US announces the release of Mepilex Border Flex, a flexible bordered dressing for pressure ulcers, foot ulcers, and leg ulcers that is designed to fit the challenging contours of the human body.

Flexible Children’s

Keeping Pace has added to its line of children’s orthopedic footwear with the new KPLCW model, which features a newly designed flexible bottom sole. The new footwear features a double-depth, triple-width fit to accommodate ankle foot orthoses.


Franklin Fascia Massagers stand out from the self-massage crowd with their spiky exteriors. The spikes are designed to stimulate sensory receptors and increase circulation, while the kneading motion massages away tension and mobilizes connective tissue.


Cadence insoles are prefabricated orthotic devices designed to provide an elusive combination of semirigid support and shock-absorbing comfort to improve patient compliance. Designed by a physical therapist, each device includes a three-quarter…

Liner Patch

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies introduces the newest addition to its line of friction- and shear-reducing products, the GlideWear Prosthetic Liner Patch. Featuring a patented dual-layer, low-friction fabric technology, the GlideWear patch…