April 2012

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Algorithms and views: Whats, whens, and whys of plantar fasciitis care

Published guidelines for management of plantar fasciitis don’t cover every detail of which interventions to try, in what order, and for how long. As a result, every practitioner tends to interpret the gray areas just a little differently.

By Cary Groner

Editor Message

Out on a limb: Body politic

With the Supreme Court weighing the constitutionality of President Obama’s healthcare reform law as this magazine went to press and another presidential election looming this fall, the topic of government healthcare spending is sure to get a lot of airtime in the coming months. That means we can expect to get used to hearing from certain pundits about how federal spending on healthcare takes away from federal spending in other ...



When foot-ankle issues complicate knee surgery

A patient presenting with both end-stage knee osteoarthritis and a painful foot-ankle deformity is not uncommon, but the medical literature offers practitioners little guidance as to which condition should be managed first or whether they should be addressed simultaneously.

by Michael S. Pinzur, MD, and William Hopkinson, MD

Telemedicine technology propels diabetic foot care

Advances in communications technol­ogy now make it possible for an expert in one location to assess a diabetic foot ulcer in a patient who is miles away. But telehealth efforts face a number of hurdles, the most daunting of which may be patient privacy.

By Emily Delzell

Orthotic considerations for foot drop after stroke

When prescribing an ankle foot orthosis or neuroprosthesis for a patient with acute drop foot following stroke, lower extremity practitioners should consider the device’s potential effects on neural plasticity and motor relearning in addition to its potential effects on gait.

By Chad Lairamore, PhD, PT, CBISt

OA summit examines therapeutic challenges

Newly published proceedings of an inter­dis­ciplinary osteoarthritis summit hosted by the Hospital for Special Surgery ex­plore how researchers are working to under­stand the complexities of the disease and break down the barriers facing the development of new interventions.

By Cary Groner

Clinical management of Lisfranc joint injuries

Indications for operative versus nonoper­ative treatment of tarsometatarsal joint injuries depend on the specific injury pattern and disruption of normal anatomy, which may be evident on physical ex­amin­ation or radiographs but may also present more subtly.

By Andrew Rosenbaum, MD, John DiPreta, MD, and Richard Uhl, MD


In the Moment: Diabetes

By Jordana Bieze Foster

Prevention pitfalls: Why amputation rates are still too high
Essential to achieving the goal of prevent­ing amputation in patients with diabetes is recognizing barriers that stand in the way, according to a Swedish diabetic foot expert who spoke in March at the Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) in Los ...
Nationwide action plan to stratify risk of foot ulceration pays off in Scotland
A national strategy of risk stratification in Scotland significantly decreased the incidence of amputation within the first years of its implementation, according to unpublished data presented in March at the Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon) in Los Angeles.
Texas experience suggests amputees gain from support group participation
Participation in a support group for diabetic amputees is associated with significant clinical and educational benefits, according to unpublished data from the University of Texas Health Sciences Center San Antonio presented in March at the Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon).

In the Moment: O&P

By Emily Delzell

Off their toes: Lower-profile device aids toe-walkers
Idiopathic toe-walking is a bilateral toe-to-toe gait diagnosed when children con­tinue this behavior, which is considered part of the normal spectrum of toddlers’ gait development, past age 2. By Emily Delzell
Small study suggests no negative effect of rigid knee orthosis on performance
Findings presented at in March at the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists annual meeting in Atlanta suggest rigid knee orthoses (KOs) likely have no negative impact on energy efficiency or performance.
AFOs may improve foot placement in patients with poststroke foot drop
Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) designed to correct foot drop during swing and provide toe clearance may facilitate more accurate foot placement, according to preliminary data presented in March at the American Academy of Orthotists & Prosthetists annual meeting in Atlanta.

Market Mechanics

Class action lawsuit alleges deceptive claims about barefoot-simulating shoes
Concord, MA-based Vibram USA was named in late March as the defendant in a class action lawsuit filed in the US District Court in Massachusetts that alleged the company made deceptive claims about health benefits of its FiveFingers running footwear. ...
Switch to Allard carbon composite AFOs increases calf circumference, study finds
Research presented in March at the American Association of Orthotists & Prosthetists meeting in Atlanta reported that switching patients with foot drop from a molded plastic ankle foot orthosis (AFO) to energy reflecting carbon open-heel AFOs made by Rockaway, NJ-based ...
Baylor announces new O&P master’s degree program will debut in 2013
Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) in Houston will introduce a new Master of Science in Orthotics and Prosthetics degree program through its School of Allied Health Sciences. The 2.5-year program, which will consist of one year of basic science education ...
TheraTogs launches certified fitter program, sets first workshop dates
Telluride, CO-based TheraTogs announced its Certified Thera-Togs Fitter (CTF) program, a new nationwide workshop series designed to sharpen the clinical skills of physical, occupational, and speech therapists, orthotists, and physiatrists who fit and customize TheraTogs orthotic systems. CTF Level I workshops ...
ComfortFit promotion offers customers free orthotic topcover personalization
Roselle, NJ-based ComfortFit Labs will add practitioners’ custom logo to its prefabricated Comfort Dress and Comfort Active orthotics at no charge and will waive freight charges with a purchase of 100 or more inserts. The Comfort Dress is a functional ...
Apelqvist receives 2012 Olmos award for advocacy in amputation prevention
Noted physician, educator, and international expert on the diabetic foot and wound management Jan Apelqvist, MD, PhD, received this year’s Edward James Olmos Award for Advocacy in Amputation Prevention at the 10th Diabetic Foot Global Conference (DFCon), held in Los ...


Cho-Pat Ankle Sleeve
Cho-Pat’s new VE Ankle Compression Sleeve combines warmth, compression, and support with a proprietary closure. The easy-to-use sleeve applies uniform dynamics to help reduce ankle pain and discomfort, promoting circulation and generating warmth to enhance healing. The sleeve’s three-dimensional knit ...
Kevin Orthotics A-Brace 250
Kevin Orthotics by Foot In Motion introduces the A-Brace 250 Overlap Free Motion. The custom molded footplate and custom-fit ankle struts are designed to provide relief from ankle instability, ankle sprains, tendinitis, tendon dysfunction, arthritis, trauma, and congenital pathologies. The ...
MyoWave Muscle Analysis
Sonostics introduces MyoWave , a function analysis device that converts muscle vibration to absolute effort to identify muscle imbalance. Comprising a laptop, small data collection pack and accelerometers, MyoWave captures information from up to six muscles simultaneously during functional movements. ...
Dr.2 Shoes Walking Styles
Preferred Medical Supply Company offers a new walking shoe available in women’s lace-up (DR818), men’s lace-up (DR218), women’s Velcro (DR819), and men’s Velcro (DR219) under its Dr.2 Shoes banner. An extra deep toe box accommodates custom and/or diabetic orthotic devices, ...
Go AFO Gauntlet
The Go AFO from Hersco is a new rear-entry ankle gauntlet. The gauntlet is a traditional thermoplastic ankle foot orthosis with a thin leather lining and outer layer that secures posteriorly with either a Velcro or lace closure.  The gauntlet ...
EZFit Compact Foot Orthotics
UCO International has introduced the EZFit Compact Firm and Compact Pro premolded foot orthotics. The new style features durable UCOkork or Pro XP II (semirigid polyethylene foam) material shaped to fit a variety of shoes. The 3/4 length foot orthotics ...
Body Armor Vario Brace
Darco International unveils the new Body Armor Vario Brace, a general-use ankle brace with an added element of customization. The Body Armor Vario Brace comes with three posting discs of 2°, 4°, and 6° to correct varus/valgus alignment and three ...
Trulife Matrix Split Toe AFOs
Trulife introduces the Matrix Split Toe and Matrix Max Split Toe AFOs. These custom-fit, carbon composite ankle foot orthoses feature a split footplate for improved balance and stability. Both devices include a height-adjustable anterior shell, trimmable footplate, open calcaneal design, ...
Battle Creek Cold Comfort
Battle Creek Equipment Company has introduced the Ice It! ColdComfort systems. The non-toxic, reusable cold packs are filled with 99% recycled materials that freeze quickly, maintain temperature, and stay flexible when frozen. The Stay-Put cover has an insulated side away ...
Soft Opaque With 30-40 mm Hg
Sigvaris’ stylish Soft Opaque Hosiery Line is now available with 30-40 mm Hg compression. This new option is designed for women who need a stronger compression level following a recent vein procedure or as a treatment for chronic venous disorders. ...
Medi-Dyne Range Roller
Medi-Dyne Healthcare Products has introduced the new Range Roller line of multi-layer massage therapy rollers with Trigger Treads, which enable users to massage multiple layers of muscles and connective tissue to more effectively increase circulation, relieve knots, warm muscles, eliminate ...
Vasyli + Prior Sports Orthotic
Vasyli Medical and Think Tank member Trevor Prior, podiatric surgeon and sports injury management specialist, announce the development of the Vasyli + Prior low profile sports orthotic. It has been specifically designed to fit into the confines of soccer or ...