May 2021

Cost of the Pandemic: ↓ in Physical Activity, ↓ Sleep, ↑Depression

Summarized representation of studies which investigated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on physical activity, sleep, and mental health. These studies highlighted that, during the COVID-19 pandemic, the activity level has been reduced in both the general population and those with chronic illness (eg, hypertension), and sleep quality has deteriorated. Other studies suggested that during the pandemic, depression, anxiety, and mental health disorder have been increased compared to pre-pandemic. However, these studies were limited to create a link between changes in the pattern of physical activities a activities and sleep with changes in depression symptoms in the context of a prospective study design.

Source: Mishra R, Park C, York MK, et al. Decrease in mobility during the COVID-19 pandemic and its association with increase in depression among older adults: a longitudinal remote mobility monitoring using a wearable sensor. Sensors. 2021;21:3090. Use is per the Creative Commons License CC BY 4.0.

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